Watch the latest episode of Momsplaining on Ellen DeGeneres’s YouTube channel to see what we mean. It's definitely joyful.

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated February 20, 2018
Christopher Polk/Getty Images

If you haven't already started watching Kristen Bell's hilarious new web series Momsplaining on Ellen DeGeneres's YouTube channel, you're going to want to binge-watch all six episodes ASAP. Luckily, each video is only about six minutes long, so watching the entire series will take less than an hour (including the time it takes to re-watch the funniest parts twice). Each segments deals with a different aspect of motherhood in a tongue-in-cheek, no-holds-barred manner, covering everything from breastfeeding to C-sections.

While every single episode is hilarious, the most recent installment deals with a perpetual problem every mom (and frankly, person who has a house) deals with: cluttered closets. In the segment, Kristen Bell teams up with organizing guru Marie Kondo to tackle the messy closets of Brittni Graham, a busy mom of two, and Scandal star Katie Lowes. Sure enough, hilarity ensues.

Most of the episode is spent poking fun at tedious organizing methods and unrealistic expectations, but there are some tips to be gleaned from the video. When sorting through Graham's closet, Marie Kondo's method of letting go of all items that don't "spark joy" really works, as the mom of two quickly finds several pieces that don't pass the test. When Kondo leads a folding lesson, the women laugh about being able to fold a shirt so that it stands up, but when she's done creasing and folding, the stack fits neatly into a small bin. And the closet at the end? What used to be an avalanche of clothing is now impeccably organized.

After claiming that watching Marie Kondo organize one closet now means she has her "Organizing PhD," Bell decides to apply what she learned to actress Katie Lowes' closet. However, the pair determines that what they really need is wine, not a decluttering session. Raising a glass, Lowes ask if the wine will help clean her closet, and Bell quips, "No. If we drink enough of it, though, we won't care if your closet is clean." Whether you want to get inspired to make over your own closet, or just want to feel better about the fact that your closet may never be Marie-Kondo-level clean, the Momsplaining episode below (and a glass of wine) will help.