5 Modern Ways to Save Your Mementos

VCR tapes, old t-shirts, the never-ending influx of kids’ art...it’s easy for keepsakes to pile up—and clutter up your space. Need a smart solution? These genius products make it a cinch to save your stuff.

For Kiddie Collectibles: Savor Box

Photo by savor-it-all.myshopify.com

Keep your little one’s letters, class photos, awards, and more in one chic, streamlined organizer. This two-volume, compartmentalized set comes with pre-categorized labels to help you decide what’s worth holding onto. Available in two “editions”: Baby (ages 0-4) and School Years (4 and older).

To buy: from $70 each, savor.us.

For Old Photos and Videos: Legacy Republic

Photo by legacyrepublic.com

This easy-to-use service digitizes your old VCR tapes, photographs, scrapbooks, rolls of film, entire albums, and more. Simply send in your dated items and they’ll be updated and uploaded to a private online account for easy viewing and sharing.

To buy: 49 cents each (photos); $25 each (videotapes), legacyrepublic.com.

For School Projects and Paintings: Keepy

Photo by keepy.me

Download this mobile app to save and organize your kids’ creations and share them with family and friends. Once you snap a picture of an item, you can upload and save it. You can also have pieces framed, compiled in a photo book, or turned into coasters, magnets, and more.

To buy: from $10 per year, keepy.me.

For Fridge-Worthy Artwork: Formaia Design Key Chain

Photo by formiadesign.etsy.com

Have a favorite drawing made by your child? Get a replica in keychain form (lightweight, but durable titanium), and you’ll always have it on hand to spark a smile.

To buy: from $89, formiadesign.etsy.com.

For Tough-to-Part-With T-shirts: Project Repat T-Shirt Quilt

Photo by projectrepat.com

Have a stack of shirts with sentimental value that you’ll probably never wear again? Give them a second life: Box them up and send them in to Project Repat, and they’ll come back to you as one cozy, fleece-lined quilt.

To buy: $130 for full (30 panels), projectrepat.com.