Watch mountains of clothes turn into organized closets. 

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated January 31, 2019
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Marie Kondo Organizing Transformations, tidy closet
Credit: Kwanchai_Khammuean/Getty Images

No, it's not your imagination, everyone seems to be on a decluttering kick right now. Inspired by Marie Kondo's new Netflix show, people are piling every last item of clothing on their beds, weeding through their kitchen utensils, and combing through every last joy-sparking book on their bookcase. The show motivated many to jump on board the organizing trend, but without Kondo's careful guidance, can they follow through and complete the challenge? Many organizers are taking to Instagram to share (and rightfully brag a little bit about) their successful decluttering endeavors. Swipe on the before-and-after images below to see how Instagrammers are organizing the most cluttered spaces in their homes.

An Unfortunate-Looking Furnace Room Turns Functional

After reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, this Instagrammer decided to systematically tackle every room in her home. Her closet makeover was inspiring and the fridge makeover was motivating, but this furnace room transformation truly sparks joy. Before, the room was hard to navigate, but now, it's both functional and attractive. Take a tip from this makeover and let your prettiest possessions (holiday decorations, a woven beach basket) double as decor in a storage space, then hide the rest in bins and baskets.

A Pantry Doubles Its Storage Space

Jessica Christian is another Instagrammer who's decluttering her home room-by-room. Her pantry makeover proves that even a small space can become more efficient when it's maximized. Before, snacks, cereal boxes, and condiments were strewn across the shelves. Now, extra shelves on the back of the door maximize the space, while clearly labeled bins and containers make it much easier to find what you're looking for.

The Tidiest Linen Closet

When Instagrammer Ashley Perssico decided to KonMari her linen closet, she didn't cut any corners, even folding her bath towels in the Marie Kondo-approved way (watch our video to learn how). By introducing white woven baskets to hold the towels, the closet looks instantly neater. Opt for baskets with handles (like this cute one from Amazon, $27) to make transporting linens easier.

The Ultimate Closet Overhaul

If you're feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of organizing your closet all by yourself, it may be time to call in the pros. Instagrammer Julia Dzafic turned to The Realistic Organizer to get her closet under control, and the results speak for themselves. Starting with a closet purge is key, but adding in baskets to corral small items and introducing a labeled storage unit are also helpful.

The Underutilized Utility Closet

Before the Marie Kondo-inspired makeover, this utility closet was not being used efficiently. By installing a shelving unit with drawers for holding towels and linens and a wall-mounted dispenser for plastic bags ($15,, this Instagrammer designated a spot for everything in the closet. Follow her lead and set up a system of organizers so you always know where each item belongs.

A Transformed Kitchen Cabinet

Afraid to tackle a big project, like your bedroom closet? Ease yourself into the KonMari method by organizing a single cabinet or drawer in your kitchen first. By adding a couple cookware racks ($20, to a cluttered cabinet, Organize and Thrive tidied up every last baking sheet, Pyrex dish, and muffin pan. This transformation (including wiping down the walls of the cabinet) can be completed in under an hour.