People With Crowded Closets Swear by These Dividers for Creating Shelf Space—and They're Only $11

Plus, they require no assembly whatsoever.

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Lynk Shelf Dividers Closet Shelf Organizer

Whenever I'm switching out my sheets or blankets, I'm always tempted to do a bit of reorganization of my chaotic linen closet. Having multiple sets of bedding yet not nearly enough room to keep them all shipshape and perfectly folded has always annoyed me, but at least there are clever closet organization tools to take advantage of for creating a little more space and order in cluttered closets like mine.

One product in particular that has helped Amazon reviewers keep their linen and clothing closets organized is Lynk's Closet Shelf Divider Set. These nifty tools come in a pack of two and instantly create compartments on your closet shelf. They're the easiest way to separate, say, your pillowcases from your top sheets and your towels from your face cloths, without needing to build any new drawers.

Lynk Shelf Dividers Closet Shelf Organizer

To buy: $11;

Another bonus? They're only $11 (making them just over $5 apiece), and require no assembly whatsoever. To put up these dividers, all you have to do is slide them over your shelves—et voila. The clamp on the bottom of the dividers will hold them steadily in place on shelves that are up to 0.875 inches thick, and they're available in two height options so you can easily grab the taller version to keep bigger piles of clothing and linens in order.

Shoppers on Amazon have used these for everything from books to toilet paper to handbags. They're "great shelf dividers" for preventing stacks of sweaters and tees from falling over, according to one reviewer, while another said it really took advantage of vertical shelf space that wasn't being used efficiently. "These solve the problem wonderfully," they added, saying they were "able to free up more shelf space" by stacking items higher without having them topple down.

For those who have cluttered closets and little space like I do, these shelf organizers might just do the trick to create more order and make your closet a little more organized. Shop them at Amazon now, for as little as $11 for the taller option and $12 for the regular-sized dividers.

Lynk Shelf Dividers Closet Shelf Organizer

To buy: $12;

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