These Clear Toiletry Bags Will Help You Avoid Plastic Waste at the Airport

For under $15, you can eliminate single-use plastics—and stay TSA-compliant.

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By now, every air traveler is aware of the TSA-mandated rule that all on-board liquids under 3.4 ounces must fit into a single plastic bag. But despite being mandatory, this rule is also a pretty large source of plastic waste. In many cases, the plastic bags are single-use, leading travelers to use a new one every time they travel. But buying a reusable, clear plastic case to carry your liquids in—like this clear toiletry bag set from Lermende on Amazon—will allow you to have a seamless flying experience without contributing to the plastic waste problem.

The Lermende toiletry bag set includes two bags, both of which are made with transparent, waterproof plastic material (so if any spills occur on or in your bag, your stuff will stay totally safe). They’re both quart-sized, which is the maximum size the TSA will accept for carry-on liquids. As always, all of the liquids you plan to take on board should fit in one bag, so you can use the other bag in the set to hold items you don’t want touching the rest of the stuff in your suitcase, like makeup brushes or snacks. All of the items in the bags should be clearly visible to TSA agents when you’re going through security.

But probably the best part of these bags is that they’re durable enough to reuse for years, thanks to the thick, sturdy material and corrosion-resistant zipper.

Hundreds of satisfied customers have touted the benefits of using the reusable bags while traveling instead of single-use plastic options. Some even said they feel the Lermende bags fit more products than other TSA-approved clear bags out there, but they still never have any trouble getting through security with them. “Love these bags! Recently used them for international air travel,” one customer wrote. “Had previously been using a store brand plastic storage bag, which didn't allow for much. These are so much more roomier than I expected and I was able to comfortably fit all of the 3-ounce bottles that I needed to bring with me. Got quite a few compliments at the security checkpoints on them.”

Another said they went through multiple airports with the bags during vacations and have never had an issue. “I’ve been through airport security at over 5 different airports with these and they’ve never been a problem, though I swear they fit a little bit more than the plastic bag meeting the size guideline does.”

Plus, the price can’t be beat—you’ll pay just $12 for the set of two bags that you’ll be able to reuse on every future trip. This must be what people mean when they call something an investment piece!

2pcs/pack Lermende Clear Toiletry Bag

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