Clever Ikea Storage Hacks for Every Room in Your Home

Simply host Brandi Milloy shares her five favorite affordable tips for creating more storage in your home.

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Create a Coat Rack With the Pershult Bracket

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These steel brackets are designed for hanging shelves, but use them upright to create an area to hang jackets and coats. The simple and clean look is great for creating extra hanging storage. I mounted mine in an electrical closet in some unused space under our stairs for a DIY coat closet.

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Elevate Your Shoe Situation with Lack Floating Shelves

5 ikea hacks

Get your shoes off the floor and organized in pairs by mounting floating shelves above your floor boards for a custom shoe storage feel. The floating shelves are easy to hang just be sure to measure the amount of space you want between each one keeping in mind the height of the shoes you'll be storing. I created a mini coat closet by combining this hack with the one above in our electrical closet.

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Display Books, Toys, and Clothing With the Bekvam Spice Rack

5 ikea hacks

Mount the spice rack right side up to create a forward facing book display, or flip it over for a Montessori-style children's clothing rack. I use this hack in both of my children's rooms and I love the look and function. They love to display their favorite books and toys, and chose their outfits for each day the night before. The natural pine of the rack gives a modern clean vibe.

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Turn the Raskog Utility Cart into a Guest Room Amenities Cart

5 ikea hacks

Channel your inner superhost by keeping your guest room stocked with all of the essentials by adding everything from toiletries and toilet paper to a clothing steamer on this three-tiered rolling cart. Adding the bamboo board on top acts as another shelf to display snacks. I love to add all of the comforts of home, including feminine products, pillow spray, facial rounds, and more—and I gave the cart an elevated look by storing items in these beautiful acrylic storage gems and storage bins.

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Create Hidden Jewelry Storage With the Nissedal Mirror

5 ikea hacks

Your jewelry stays organized, untangled, and easy to wear behind this slim, wall-mounted Ikea mirror. Simply use command strip hooks to hang your necklaces, bracelets, and more. Bonus: there is enough space that you can hang jewelry behind the mirror and on the wall. And even though I have jewelry trays and jewelry boxes, this hack has been a big game changer for me. I find myself wearing and appreciating my jewelry more because I can easily see it at once and then immediately look in the mirror and try it on.

Which hack is your favorite and which one will you try? Let me know on Instagram @BrandiMilloy.

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