The Skådis will help you organize your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and beyond.

Courtesy of IKEA

Pegboards already have a special place in our hearts: They’re great tools for keeping garages and sheds neat and orderly, and for maximizing wall storage in small spaces. Rarely, though, do these organizing multi-taskers make it indoors, to high-profile places such as bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. Until now, that is.

With the U.S. launch of its Skådis line—released last spring in Europe and available right now in the U.S.—IKEA has broadened the scope of where pegboards can go. The line includes basic pegboards in three different sizes and two different colors (wood and white), but here's the best part: There's an assortment of accessories that you can purchase to customize your Skådis pegboard's set-up and sleek look.

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The price isn’t too bad, either: The boards range from $9 to $16, and accessories are all less than $5 a piece. Packaged sets of a board and accessories (the 30 x 22 combination is pictured above) cost more, as do installations of Skådis in IKEA shelves and storage units. (Just another use of the Skådis.)

Looking for a shelf to add to a bathroom with no counter space? Skådis has that—plus a holder for your toothbrush and lidded containers for your cotton balls. The available attachments include hooks of different sizes, clips, storage bags, and even roll holders for ribbons, paper towels, or whatever else you want.


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If you’re not feeling particularly creative, IKEA has packaged combinations that are ready to go wherever you need them. If you do want to customize your vertical storage, you can  make your own mark on it with accessories in white, clear, and gray; or, add a quick coat of paint on the board itself. (Some of our favorite uses of the Skådis system are as a jewelry holder, a desk organizer, a crafting station, and even wall art.)

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