We Got a Sneak Peek at the 2021 IKEA Catalog—Here Are 5 Organizers You Can Shop Now

Keep your 2020 decluttering efforts in check with these storage solutions.

As if we needed another reason to want 2021 to get here ASAP, the 2021 IKEA catalog has just arrived—and we want everything! In celebration of the catalog's 70th birthday, the IKEA team turned the catalog into a handbook for better everyday living, including clever storage ideas and bedroom decor designed for better sleep. We were lucky enough to get a sneak peek at the catalog, and have since bookmarked almost every single page to remind ourselves of the new finds we simply have to have.

IKEA Catalog 2021 with notebook and fabric

The items that land at the top of our wishlist: all of the brilliant organizers for tidying belongings big and small. Here are just a few of our new favorite IKEA organizers. The best part: we're focusing on those that are available to order right now, because we figured you didn't want to wait until next year to tidy up, right?

Eager to comb through the rest of the 2021 IKEA catalog? IKEA Family Members can check it out now, and it will be available to the public on Monday, October 26, 2020. The print catalog will roll out later this year.

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BESTA Gets the Shiplap Look

IKEA Catalog 2021 Shiplap BESTA cabinet in white

The BESTA storage series is nothing new, but to give it a trendy upgrade, IKEA introduced new doors that imitate the look of wood paneling. Inspired by "Scandinavian coastal cabins," the new doors will give your BESTA serious beach vibes.

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Rattan Magazine Stand

IKEA Catalog 2021, Rattan Magazine Rack

This winter will be all about cozying up with books and magazines—let this hand-woven rattan organizer keep these reads at the ready.

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A DIY-able Desk Organizer

IKEA Catalog 2021, Wooden Desk Organizer

This wooden organizer can hold colored pencils and markers, sewing supplies, or sentimental keepsakes. Crafted from plywood, it can be painted or stained to match your sense of style.

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Woven Bamboo Box

IKEA Catalog 2021 Bamboo Storage Box

Skip the plastic storage containers, this new bamboo box lends a natural touch and tons of texture to open shelving or a BILLY bookcase. It comes in two different sizes, so be sure to measure your shelving unit before ordering.

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Makeup Storage Chest

IKEA Catalog 2021, Makeup Drawers in Smoke

Stash cosmetics and toiletries where they'll be easy to find with this transparent 2-drawer system. Leave it out on your bathroom counter or atop a vanity so it's easy to spot the lotion, mascara, or lip balm you're looking for.

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