Few things are as satisfying as a neat linen closet. (Right?) Pro organizer Beth Penn shares her best shelf-help strategies.
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1. Bedding Bins

Assign a labeled basket to each bedroom in the house and add a set of sheets or two. You’ll never have to dig through piles of mismatched pillowcases again.

To buy: Beach house bins, $20 each (large); containerstore.com.

2. Duvet Roll

That bulky spare comforter doesn’t need to take up prime real estate. Give it a space-saving upper-corner spot after folding it in half lengthwise, then rolling it up like a sleeping bag.

3. Towel Stash

Stacks of washcloths and hand towels tend to topple. Instead, corral rolled ones in a wire bin. (Bonus: You can cram more in.)

4. Toiletries Kit

A little trick with a big impact: Keep a ready-to-go grouping of soap, shampoo, and other overnight essentials so you don’t have to hunt around for them every time you have weekend guests.

To buy: Stackable wire basket, $15; containerstore.com.

5. Supply Station

You need access to bulk goods (toilet paper rolls, tissue boxes), but who wants to look at that stuff? A tall tote keeps them handy yet hidden.

To buy: Mini hamper, $40; thelaundress.com.