No need to fear opening the door to your catchall closet. Organizer Jamie Hord, of Horderly, shares her tips on maximizing this multipurpose space.

By Sierra Guardiola
August 21, 2019
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1. Bring in the big bins

Group like items (cleaning products, sports equipment) in clear bins so it’s easy to spot what’s inside. Stick with the same brand in a variety of shapes and sizes to keep your aesthetic consistent and clutter contained.

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2. Label new homes

Mark each bin with a label. This helps discourage you from stashing something random in a bin where it doesn’t belong, lending your new system staying power.

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3. Create easy access

Place regularly used items in open bins at eye level for grab-and-go convenience. Store seasonal and occasionally used items up high in covered bins to save prime real estate.

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4. Stack smart

Since stacking can make it hard to access what you need, only stack bins containing less-used or lightweight items. Keep the bins the same size and shape to conserve space.

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5. Avoid spillover

Say goodbye to floating clutter. Everything in your closet should have a home in a bin, except for bulky items, like an air mattress or gym bag. Designate a spot on the floor for those, but don’t overfill it. Empty space encourages you to stay neat.