How to Organize Your Car's Trunk the Right Way

Free up room in your vehicle's trunk or cargo area with solutions from Scott Roewer, founder of The Organizing Agency.

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Between jumper cables, camping gear, and lacrosse sticks, your car trunk is responsible for stashing a lot of stuff. So it's no surprise this convenient storage space can quickly devolve into clutter. How do you regain control of a messy car and learn how to organize your car trunk in a way you can maintain? Start by adding organizers that give commonly stored items their own space.

Instead of letting car cleaning supplies take up valuable trunk space, stash them in a hanging organizer on the back of the headrest. And rather than let reusable shopping bags float free (and inevitably get trapped in a crevice so you can't find them when you head to the grocery store), keep all your shopping bags in a space-saving container. Just think: Once all essentials have a designated spot in your car trunk, packing the car for a road trip or your next beach vacation is much easier.

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Elevate essentials.

Car Trunk Organizer and Storage

An organizer that hangs from a backseat headrest can store jumper cables and cleaning supplies, leaving the trunk floor free for larger cargo, such as sporting equipment or suitcases.

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Keep it contained.

Drive Auto Car Trunk Organizer

A structured bin holds grocery bags, beach towels, and backpacks; and keeps them from sliding around. Use the attached straps to secure it in place in the trunk or on an empty seat up front.

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Go green.

Place a smaller container within your trunk organizer to house reusable shopping bags. Once you've unpacked your groceries, return the bags to this spot so they're always there when you need them.

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Be flexible.


Stackable, collapsible bins are perfect for transporting loose items from the garden center or big-box store. Fold them flat when not in use.

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Reassess regularly.

Give your vehicle a once-over after lengthy trips or between seasons. Restock essentials and remove unnecessary items (like wintertime hockey gear).

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