Style your bar cart for the best at-home happy hours. 

By Real Simple
Updated June 21, 2018
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Organize This: Bar Cart
Credit: Real Simple

Jamie Hord, professional organizer and founder of Horderly, serves up her tips for neatly arranging the home bar.

1. Take It Up the Wall

Turn your supplies into a visual and functional display. Save space on a lower surface by storing wine bottles and glassware on wall-mounted shelves.

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2. Style Your Spirits

Make your storage spot feel balanced by arranging larger bottles toward the back and shorter containers and trays near the front. A bar cart provides a mobile surface and can be tucked out of the way when you’re not entertaining.

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3. Decant the Basics

Stow everyday spirits in pretty glass decanters, labeled appropriately, to avoid subpar-looking bottles. Just make sure the decanters remain tightly sealed.

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4. Switch Up Shapes

If your bar area is kept on display, layer in trays and other elements that contrast with the shape of your cart. Here, round bowls and an oval tray complement the rectangular surfaces.

5. Leave Room

Prevent your stocked bar from looking cluttered by leaving some breathing room. A collection of clear drinkware can also give the illusion of open space.