Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin, cofounders of The Home Edit, share how they make that daily dive into the refrigerator a treat.

By Real Simple
Updated August 03, 2017
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Organize This - Refrigerator
Credit: The Home Edit

1. Like With Like

A good rule of thumb: Group similar items together. Designate a shelf for beverages or a spot where all dairy products should live to make them easy to find.

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2. Prep Space

Once a week, cut up fresh produce to have on hand for snacks and mealtime. Stash it at eye level in stackable, clear, airtight containers, then grab and go.

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3. Instant Order

Reduce shelf clutter (and avoid losing items in the back of the fridge) by employ- ing acrylic bins to corral awkward-shaped packages, like yogurt pouches or deli meat.

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4. Flexible Labels

Make the contents easy to identify at a glance by labeling bins with chalk markers.

To buy: White fine-tip chalk markers, $10 for 2;

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5. Door Design

The storage space on the door should be used to stash condiments and sauces. That frees up shelf space, which stays cooler, for more perishable items.