How do you solve a problem like a dorm room? Certified professional organizer Julie Bestry shares her tips for making the most of a small space.

By Stephanie Sisco
Updated August 10, 2018
Organized dorm room

TO BUY: (Clockwise from left) Casabella Blue 2-in-1 shower caddy, $8; Flowers by Mouni Feddag throw pillow, $30; White Organizer desk lamp, $69; Handwoven Mayan throw pillow in mustard, $138, Popcorn Dot pillow sham in tangerine, $78, and Popcorn Grid coverlet in tangerine, $249; Natural Flokati wool area rug, $220;

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1 Be Flexible

A pegboard or wall grid lets you reposition accessories as storage needs change throughout the semester. Adhesive hooks are great for headphones or statement jewelry.

TO BUY: Copper wire wall grid, $20; Command small metallic hooks in copper, $8 for 4;

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2 Create Easy Access

No room for a nightstand? Keep remotes, eyeglasses, and chargers handy in a bedside pocket.

TO BUY: Stackers small bedside pocket, $30;

3 Power Up

Expand the storage space beneath your bed with the help of risers. Look for ones with built-in plugs and USB ports so there’s no struggling to reach the wall outlet.

TO BUY: Studio 3B USB bed lift set, $30;

4 Plan for Summer

Bring in a rolling shelf to group together similar items (toiletries, coffee supplies) and keep them off the floor. This accordion-style option collapses flat for simple storage when school’s out.

TO BUY: Origami 3-Shelf folding rack, $60;

5 Do Double Duty

Maximize storage in a minuscule closet by hanging an adjustable second rod from the existing one. Leave room for longer clothing (like dresses) on one side.

TO BUY: Room Essentials Adjustable closet rod extender, $10;