Whether you want to hang signs or send a tweet, these strategies will help you attract yard sale shoppers.

Yard sale sign
Credit: Anthony Rosenberg/Getty Images

Publicity can mean the difference between making a killing and snoozing in your camp chair all afternoon. Here’s a one-two punch.

The Digital Strategy

A few days before the sale, post the details (date, time, address) on social media, including Twitter, your community’s Facebook page, and neighborhood networks, like nextdoor.com. Also worthwhile: the Garage Sale section on Craigslist; other free listing sites, like gsalr.com and yardsalesearch.com; and your local newspaper’s online classifieds. List specific examples of the types of items in your sale (skip vague language, such as “Great finds!” and “Something for everyone!”). Mention if the sale is “Weather permitting” or “Rain or shine,” and add “no early birds” (unless you don’t mind having people on your lawn while you’re eating breakfast).

The Grassroots Strategy

Keep signage consistent to set your sale apart from others. Make 10 to 20 signs using three-by-three-foot poster board in one neon color. Use thick black permanent marker so the info is legible from a moving car. Be brief and clear: Print yard sale, then the date, time, and address. Hang signs with heavy clear packing tape so they don’t blow away. Ideal spots: intersections with stoplights, shopping-center exits, and busy streets within a mile of your home. (Check rules with city hall first.) From the main road, sprinkle signs like bread crumbs—one at every corner, with arrows that shoppers can follow to your house. (Remember to take down the signs afterward.)