Your pantry will never be more organized.

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated May 23, 2019
Container Store

When we heard that Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin, the organizing gurus behind the Home Edit, were creating an exclusive collection of organizers at the Container Store, we started counting down the days until its launch. After drooling over many of the Home Edit's jaw-dropping organizing makeovers (I mean, did you see what they did to Mandy Moore's pantry?!), we couldn't wait to introduce some of their tidying magic into our own homes. And now that the collection has officially arrived, it does not disappoint. Incorporating clever updates to classic organizers (think turntables, bins, and canisters), the Home Edit has created a space-saving, storage-maximizing line that only pro organizers could have designed.

Container Store


In this exclusive collection, the Home Edit made tiny, innovative tweaks to classic organizers. The turntable is a common storage solution, but by eliminating the center support and adding an extra inch to the height of this 2-tier lazy Susan, the Home Edit managed to make this organizer even more efficient. Now you'll have room to stash taller jars and bottles. 

To buy: $25,

Container Store


Want to maximize the storage space in your kitchen pantry (while infusing it with Instagram-worthy style)? These clear, stackable food canisters will make your pantry incredibly easy to navigate. Add the Home Edit's beautiful handwritten adhesive labels to personalize each bin. 

To buy: From $8,

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If you think all storage bins are basically the same, think again. This one is sturdy, it's transparent so you can always spot what's stashed inside, it has built-in handles for easy transport, and it even comes with removable dividers. The Home Edit has truly thought of everything. 

To buy: $20,

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Whether you use this lazy Susan to store beauty supplies in the bathroom, colored pencils in your kids' playroom, or condiments in the kitchen, the removable dividers make it easy to customize the design to fit your needs. 

To buy: $28,

Container Store


These clear shelf dividers will transform every single closet in your house. In the linen closet, they separate bath towels and bed sheets. In the bedroom closet, they keep purses upright and organized. And in the pantry, they divide boxes of baking mix from breakfast cereals. 

To buy: $12,