Make this space the first place you organize this year, with tips from Genevieve Gorder, design expert and legendary Trading Spaces star.

By Tamara Kraus
Updated January 11, 2018
Tessa Neustadt

What says “new year, new you” more than a deep-dive into organizing? According to Genevieve Gorder, who is now working with Fiber One to share how to get organized and create a relaxing space for yourself in 2018, the most popular place people like to start organizing in the new year is the closet. After all, a lot of new year’s resolutions are all about self image, so if your closet stresses you out, you won’t feel good about getting dressed.

The closet is also the one place a woman can forget about taking care of others and simply invest in herself. Since the closet is where your day begins and ends, says Gorder, it should be a space that “feeds you like an oxygen mask." (You know, like when you’re in an airplane, and are told to put on your oxygen mask first before assisting others.)

So how do you keep a closet in check (and beautiful)—especially when you share it with someone else? Once you've established your individual space, Gorder suggests using pretty, inexpensive found objects like wire mesh baskets to corral smaller items. “Storage doesn’t always have to mean hidden, if it’s done in a thoughtful way,” she says. For example, re-think how you store items by hanging them vertically, expanding closet shelves to the ceiling, or using books to prop up items.

And if the person you’re sharing the space with isn’t as clean as you, show them how to be with little reminders. For example, place florals or a pretty candle on their nightstand, which might inspire them to make the rest of their life just as beautiful.

Overall, Gorder says your home plants the seed for how you live. If your home is tidy and relaxing, your life will be too.