Thanksgiving is approaching and we’re already dreaming about those magnificent leftovers… and how to store them.

By Stephanie Sisco
Updated November 04, 2016

Invest in a set of uniform food storage containers to instantly transform the interior of your refrigerator. This will not only make it pleasing to look at (as opposed to the jumble of mismatched takeout containers currently on display), but will actually help save on space (square and stackable versions nestle neatly together with no wasted space on the shelves). With the Thanksgiving holiday coming up, we could use all the space we can get!

Our editors’ favorite set includes both glass and plastic containers that are dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe. The glass vessels are even oven safe, so dishes prepped the night before can be transferred into a preheated oven right from the fridge. The airtight lids are leak-proof (no gravy spills!) and work with either material, so there’s no hunting for a specific one. All that to say, these no-fuss, functional pieces will serve you well during the holidays (and beyond).

To buy: 30 Piece SNAP Glass & Plastic Container Set, $100,