Molly Graves and Ashley Murphy, cofounders of the Neat Method, offer their tips for creating an ultrafunctional entryway.

By Real Simple
Updated September 26, 2017
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Jonny Valiant

Personal Space

Assign each family member a hook or basket for their belongings. When their spot is filled up, that’s their cue it’s time to clear out some things.

A Place for Essentials

Since this is the first point of contact with the home, designate a spot, such as a shelf, for keys and mail to land. Keep a bin nearby with grab-and-go items like umbrellas for rainy days or flashlights for nighttime dog walks.

Drop Zones

Short on space in your entryway? Under the wall hooks for coats and bags, place a sturdy bench, hamper, or cubby shelf to corral shoes (and eliminate the tripping hazard).

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Stash a recycling bin or basket near your entryway. That makes it easy to discard junk mail and prevent it from piling up in the kitchen or office.

Closet Cure

If you have an entry closet, opt for a single type of hanger to keep things streamlined. Choose a sturdy style that will hold up against heavier winter coats.

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