These are the best kind of (Marie Kondo-inspired) home organizers to help you on your tidying up journey.

By Christina Butan
Updated January 11, 2019

Ever since Tidying Up With Marie Kondo premiered on Netflix in January, organizing guru Marie Kondo has inspired even more people to focus on what truly sparks joy in their lives. Based on her 2014 book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying, Kondo visits people’s homes and helps them declutter their lives using her KonMari method. In theory, Kondo’s method is simple: Only keep items that “spark joy” in your life (AKA, items that speak to your heart and you’d like in your future), toss everything else, and then organize by category. In practice, it can feel a lot more complicated.

Some will say that deciding what to keep is the hardest part of the process, while others might be at a total loss for how to organize. Wherever you are in your tidying journey (even if you’re just thinking about it!), we’ve rounded up a variety of Amazon organizers that will be total game-changers for finally getting your home in order.

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Drawers can easily become clutter-central if they’re not organized properly. The KonMari method teaches us to organize our drawers with boxes, which helps categorize and separate items so they’re easier to navigate. And if you really want to go all-in with Kondo’s system, she even has a special method for folding clothes into those boxes.

Shelves can get the best of us: With so much empty space, we continue to pile things up, without thinking about how it will look long term. Before we know it, everything from towels to bags to kids toys are crowding each other when they’re not being stored in the most optimal way. These baskets and shelving system can help you keep your closets neat and pile-free.

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Shoe organizers help with more than just having all your shoes in one place: It will also help you see how many shoes you own. Kondo emphasizes that the best way to organize your things is in a way that helps you see them, so that you aren’t tempted to purchase items that are already similar to what you own.

The kitchen often seems to be people’s least favorite location on Tidying Up With Marie Kondo, but it doesn’t have to be for you! Get your kitchen chaos in order with these organizers. Use the dividers to sort through your kitchen drawers, the spice rack to finally get all those bottles of cumin in order, and the can rack for any kind of can or jar.

Paper: It ends up everywhere. We tend to stuff it in drawers, leave it scattered on tables, and never throw anything out. To help you declutter, Kondo suggests you take all your mail out of their envelopes, so you can easily see dates and senders. Use these sorters to organize any important documents or sentimental letters.

If you’re someone who loves Christmas like Kondo does, these organizers will be essential for you. Since Christmas decorations can vary so much in size and are only used once a year, they often get stored sloppily in garages or closets. But even Christmas decor can be organized. Just use storage boxes with a clear panels, so you can see what you own and know exactly where your favorite Santa Claus ornament is at all times.