Turn a too-small shower stall into a spa-like experience.

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated September 17, 2019
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Double Your Shower Storage, Cubiko Caddy
Credit: Container Store

No matter if you have a cramped shower stall or a full bath, there just never seems to be enough room to stash all of the soap, shampoo, and razors your household has collected. Besides culling your collection (do you really need that third hair mask?), an easy shower storage solution is to invest in organizers that can hold it all (especially for those who answered the above question with a resounding 'yes!'). From stainless steel shower caddies that will never rust, to hanging organizers that can be suspended from the curtain rod, these clever products will instantly double your shower storage. Here's how to feel like you splurged on a fully renovated shower—without spending thousands of dollars or dealing with contractors.

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shower caddy with pockets
Credit: Amazon

1 A Pocket Caddy That Clips on to the Curtain Rod

Make your shower curtain rod do double duty by clipping on this hanging pocket organizer. It will hold everything from hair brushes to shower caps, and the mesh pockets dry quickly. And did we mention it's less than $10? 

To buy: Hanging Mesh Pocket Organizer, $9, amazon.com

Black cube shower caddy
Credit: Container Store

2 A Sleek Caddy That Suspends From the Shower Head

The caddy I use in my own shower, this organizer has thought of absolutely everything. Not only are there S-hooks for stashing loofahs and squeegees, but also a spot to suspend your razor. Holes in the bottom of the lower shelf are designed to hold upside-down bottles, helping you use every last drop of shampoo. 

To buy: $32, containerstore.com

Shower Storage Shelf
Credit: Burke Decor

3 A Standing Shelf for All Your Products

You've heard it before, and we'll say it again: when you're tight on square footage, vertical space is your best friend. This standing storage tower maximizes vertical space, whether it's sitting on the floor in your shower stall or placed up on a ledge. 

To buy: Yamazaki Free Standing Shower Caddy, $50, burkedecor.com

Shower Storage Pole
Credit: Amazon

4 A Clever Caddy That Maximizes Vertical Space

The holy grail of shower organizers, this expandable pole organizer fits snugly into the corner of your shower, providing four slim shelves for storing every single product. If you're looking for the one-step fix for your over-crowded shower ledge, this is it. 

To buy: OXO Good Grips Quick-Extend Aluminum Pole Caddy, $150, amazon.com

Gold corner shower caddy
Credit: Signature Hardware

5 Gold Storage Baskets That Make Use of Corners

The corners of your shower are typically an underutilized area—put them to work by installing stylish gold baskets that can hold shower gel, shampoo, and soap. The open design lets water drain through, helping everything stay mold- and mildew-free. 

To buy: Solid Brass Corner Shower Basket, $30, or Two-Tier Basket, $80, signaturehardware.com.