7 Genius Organizing Apps to Simplify Your Life

These apps will help you organize and declutter your home—and life.

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If technology has taught us anything, it's that nothing—not the smartest smart home device, the best organization app, the coolest robot vacuum, or the most popular decluttering service—can completely fix a major mess. If clutter is truly out of control, it's going to take more than a fancy app to fix it. But that doesn't mean a good declutter app can't help the home organization process.

In the same way that hiring a personal trainer isn't going to help you reach your health goals unless you put in the work, downloading a home organization app isn't going to make a clutter issue disappear without some effort from you (and anyone else who lives in the home). Fortunately, helpful organizing apps make the process easier; they can even offer personalized tips and tricks along the way or help refine and polish an already successful organizing system.

Not all decluttering apps cost money; some are free or only charge for premium services. One of the many upsides of using an app to declutter is it can make it easier to involve other household members, especially if they sometimes need a nudge to take out the trash or clean their rooms.

Some apps help create an organizational system; others help clear the clutter. Some even call in reinforcements for when the mess needs a little extra elbow grease. No matter what your home organization goals are, these multitasking apps can help—if you're willing to put in the time and effort to make them part of your cleaning and organizing process. (Yes, even if you have roommates or children.)

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Sortly App

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For the hyper-organized, this is your dream app. Sortly lets you create a visual inventory by taking photos of items or scanning QR codes. After inputting items into the app, you can sort them into category folders by location (like in the jewelry box or the garage closet). You can also tag items for easy search and include purchase and warranty dates for even more detail. And if you're moving in the future, use this app to keep track of inventory in boxes.

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Make selling DVDs, CDs, video games, and more the work of minutes—not a whole afternoon—with Decluttr's barcode scanner. It makes short work of figuring out what price you can sell items. Shipping is free—so you can get those space-hogging items out ASAP—and any earnings can help fund space-friendly digital downloads.

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Tody App logo - Tody text in white font on a blue square background

Motivate yourself (and your family members) to clean more often with this smart app. Create cleaning tasks and to-do lists by frequency; the app tells you when a chore is due (or overdue) and when something was last cleaned. Family members can track chores they've finished and gain bragging rights—plus see who's been slacking. Even if cleaning isn't your favorite task, you'll get a little sense of satisfaction by tapping the "Just did it" button after completing a task.

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Offer Up logo - OfferUp text in gray-blue font on a white sales tag on square gray-blue background

If you need to unload something that's taking up too much room (an old dresser, bike, clothes, or even appliances), all you need to do is snap a picture and upload it onto the app with details and pricing. Your post is circulated to users living in your neighborhood. You can negotiate prices and pick-up times through the in-app messaging service, so there's no need to give out your phone number. And since everyone on the app has a profile with ratings from previous transactions, you'll know who's reliable and who's not.

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Handy App logo - light blue handy text on a white background

Sometimes you might need to ask for extra help. This is when the Handy app is beneficial. With this app, you can schedule a date and time for a cleaning professional to come and tidy up. Plus, track the progress of your cleaning session—from when the cleaner is on the way to when they are finishing the job. The payment feature is easy to use through your phone and is also secure.

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This chore-focused app helps connect you and your family. Your kids can report as they complete household chores, and because Homey lets you sync up bank accounts, you can pay their allowance via the app. Your children can save up for personal goals and learn about financial responsibility.

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Centriq app logo - white IQ letters with white house roof above it, set against a blue square background

Time to clear out that drawer full of product manuals—this app is your go-to for product troubleshooting and maintenance. Organized by room, you can enter the appliances you own to pull up their manuals or check their warranty. Plus, if something goes wrong, one of the in-app how-to videos may be able to help.

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