When every storage spot is full to bursting, it's time to look for smarter digital solutions to pesky clutter problems.

Artkive app
Credit: artkiveapp.com

Turns out, the internet really can do anything. While it may not have occurred to you to turn to decluttering apps and sites to handle your home organization dilemmas (after all, that's what bins, boxes—and, in a pinch, a seldom-used closet—are for), these smart organizing ideas can help you corral and even offload clutter, from the kids' macaroni art to your outdated wardrobe.

Whether you’re confronting stacks of precious memories (think family photos and kids’ artwork), looking for a way to better consolidate and organize important paperwork without resorting to bulky filing cabinets, or searching for new homes for much-loved clothing or homeware items, these sites, services, and tools will get rid of the physical bulk of your home’s clutter issue without sacrificing the memories you cherish.

For Consolidating Artwork

Fill the ArtKive box (sent by the service) with the drawings, paintings, and more you can’t bear to part with. ArtKive will photograph it all and turn it into an online gallery that you can access (and share with doting grandparents) from any device. You also have the option of turning the art into a hardcover keepsake book.

For Putting Those T-Shirts to Good Use

Campus Quilt will turn your collection of old tees (or your college student’s high school collection) into a nostalgic blanket.

For Preserving the Family Photo Collection

Use Fotobridge’s archiving service to scan old photos in bulk, then share them online, turn them into a slideshow, and more.

For Smarter Record-Keeping

Genius Scan lets you use your phone to digitize papers and files, so you can empty that overstuffed file cabinet (and maybe even get rid of it all together).

For Giving Great Clothes New Homes

Consign clothing and other well cared-for fashion items right from your phone with Poshmark’s easy marketplace.

For Closet-Clearing Responsibly

Feel better about tossing a closet’s worth of items with Stuffstr, which will help find productive, environmentally friendly uses for used (gently or otherwise) items.

For Hassle-Free Clothing Consignment

Mail ThredUp batches of clothes for online consignment without having to take photos or handle sales listings.

For Large-Scale Clean-Outs

Find a local guy with a truck to help haul stuff to the dump through Truxx’s truck-share program.