3 Clever Solutions to Corral Your Kids' Toys

Avoid the chaos (and make clean up so much simpler) with one of these storage solutions.

Toy storage can be one of the most challenging things to manage in a home. You generally have a lot you need to store, in an array of shapes and sizes—and you have some very young (and not too neat) little people taking the items out and hopefully putting them away.

Fortunately, the pros at Horderly have three different options for managing toy storage—drawers, bins, and shelving—depending on what you're looking for in your storage space. Drawers are great for smaller items like Legos and play food, while bins or baskets are best for larger toys and for toy storage where you might not want to see what's inside. Open shelving works best for larger toys and for spaces where you don't mind seeing the color (and a little clutter) from your toy storage.

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Metal Drawer System

ikea metal drawers

Metal drawers make it easy to sort and organize your toys (perfect for managing Legos and other small parts). They can be stacked to create a larger solution—just secure the units to the wall to minimize the odds of an accidental fall.

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Clip-On Basket Labels

clip-on plastic label

Use these clip on labels with drawers or bins to let kids know what goes where. (You can use pictures as the labels for kids who don't read yet!)

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Cube Organizer

cube organizer

This sturdy cube shelving holds roomy bins for larger-sized toys like dolls and action figures.

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Cube Storage Bins

cube storage bin

Dark bins like this help hide what's inside for a cleaner look—and they can be easily lugged where your kids are playing so they can take out (and put away!) what they're playing with.

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3-Tier Shelving Unit

3-Tier Shelving Unit

For the most flexible toy storage, a simple shelf lets you use bins, boxes and even simple displays to manage toys of all types and sizes.

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