How to Tidy Up Your Tech Devices, Cords, and Cables, According to the Pros

Time to tackle that tangle of cords.

With each new tech device you bring into your life, an assortment of charging cords, USB cables, and adapters are sure to follow. Before long, it's difficult to remember which cords go with which devices, let alone where you stashed them. To help us gain control of the cord clutter, the organization pros at Horderly shared their top two recommended methods. The first is ideal for those who frequently reach for a pair of earbuds or an HDMI cable and want to spot what they're searching for at a glance. The second method stows tech accessories in style yet out of sight, and can even work for open shelving. No matter which strategy you choose, let inserts or dividers create designated spots for each item.

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Clear the Way

Clear Stackable Plastic Storage Bins
Courtesy of the Container Store

If you're planning to store your tech accessories in a closed cabinet, then transparent, open bins will make it easy to find what you're looking for. Plus, they eliminate the extra step of removing a lid each time you reach for a charging cord. Use a label maker to mark what goes where.

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Conceal the Chaos

Bleeker Storage Box Set
Courtesy of Wayfair

Open shelving and cord clutter generally don't mix—until you add chic storage bins with leather handles into the equation. The lids will keep the contents dust-free, while hiding unsightly cords and cables from view.

This method works best for those who want tech storage that blends seamlessly with their home decor style.

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Add Inserts

Tall Translucent Inserts
Courtesy of Amazon

For both of the techniques above, the experts at Horderly suggest investing in inserts that fit the bins or boxes you're using. Without dividers, a large storage bin will devolve into a junk drawer—but once you have a slot for each cable, adapter, or memory card, you have a storage system you can maintain.

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