With a solution for a cramped shower and organizers to get your fridge in tip-top shape, your home will look the best it ever has.

By Tamara Kraus
Updated August 29, 2019
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While we wish we didn’t have to deal with clutter, without it, we wouldn’t get to experience the joy of organization (sorry, we're only half-kidding!). And luckily, there’s no shortage of innovative organization products to help you manage all the stuff. Whether you’re an organizing pro or are just starting to tackle that messy bathroom, here are five products to organize everything from tangled cords to disheveled showers. Incorporate these clever organizers into your home, and you'll be surprised how much tidier it looks (and how much more space you gain).


Fridge Storage Bins

Instantly create more space in your cramped fridge with these ventilated storage bins that slide right onto the shelves. Give eggs, cheese, and fruit their own designated space within your refrigerator. You can even use this storage solution for the freezer, cabinets, or pantry for more space-saving functionality.

To buy: $30; amazon.com

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Clean up the playroom or your entire vanity in seconds with this all-in-one storage organizer that cinches up into a travel-friendly bundle. The Lay-N-Go comes in multiple styles, colors, and sizes to suit all your organizational needs.

To buy: From $20; layngo.com.


Container Store Cable Zipper

Finding and untangling cables behind the TV is always a nightmare—until now. This product corrals all the unsightly cords into one tube and comes with labels you can attach to each end to keep track of what cord goes where.

To buy: $15, containerstore.com.



Never let your hard work folding laundry go to waste with the help of this handy organizer. This anti-microbial closet organizer allows you to pull out items from any part of the stack (yes, even the middle)—without having to worry about the entire tower of clothes crashing down on you. Plus, the accompanying folder helps you effortlessly fold every type of clothing to a uniform size and prevents wrinkles.

To buy: From $20, threadstax.com.


Simple Human Adjustable Shower Caddy Plus

Bathroom organizers don’t have to be eyesores. Bring a spa-like feel to your shower with this sleek, adjustable, and rustproof shower storage unit. It allows you to easily adjust shelves, extend the neck up to 12 inches, and neatly store all your grooming products with multiple dividers and compartments.

To buy: $70; amazon.com.