These Creative Clothes Storage Ideas Will Make You Think Outside the Closet

Your clothes have to go somewhere—and we recommend one of these stylish clothes storage ideas.

Clothes storage ideas
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Some of us have to work to find a good clothes storage solution—we're not all blessed with perfectly organized walk-in closets. In fact, we'd venture to guess that most of us are less than pleased with our storage space. Maybe it's oddly shaped, dimly lit, or just downright tiny, but the end result is always the same. When you can't find things in your closet, you only wear a small sampling of the pieces you own. These display options get your best duds out of the closet and into your outfit rotation.

Clothes Storage Idea #1: Use a Few Well-Placed Hooks.

Hooks are a great way to corral your favorite items to get them out of a pile on your floor or chair and they can be useful when outfit planning. Displaying your pieces on hangers then mixing or matching them on the hooks will help you create an office or date night look for the ages. Statement making single hooks could look great or get a few rows of hooks and work with those.

Clothes Storage Idea #2: Try a Minimal Metal Closet Rack in Gold.

It will feel decidedly more fun when it's finished with a warm metallic. With room to hang clothes and a mini shelf and bench for handbags and shoes, you'll feel like you're shopping your closet every morning. Limited space also means you'll have to pare down your wardrobe to just your tried and true favorites.

Clothes Storage Idea #3: Invest in a Modular Storage System.

You'll be amazed by what you can design if you decide to give up some wall space. Organizing companies have gotten really good with customizing modular storage to fit your specific space and needs. Slide out drawers and places for not only all of your clothes but accessories too make this totally worth spending on.

Clothes Storage Idea #4: Display Beautiful Objects on Floating Shelves.

Shoes, for example, should be considered mini works of art. And while you wear them on your feet, it doesn't mean you can't show them off. Instead of cluttering up the bottom of a closet where they'll fall prey to dirt and dust bunnies, place your pairs on floating shelves instead. IKEA or Home Depot have affordable and easy to install options if you're a little DIY shy.

Clothes Storage Idea #5: Make the Most of Vertical Storage.

A few well-placed rods, benches, and vertical storage devices can work together to form maybe the most creative organizing solution we've ever seen. The materials are inexpensive but still completely effective for organizing shoes, accessories, and clothes. To really make the look hang together, try to keep the color palette uniform; it makes it a real difference aesthetically.

Clothes Storage Idea #6: Stick with a Classic Clothing Rack.

You can't go wrong with an industrial-style clothing rack. They've been around so long for a reason and they're perfect for getting bulkier items like jackets out of a tiny closet. If you do invest in one, make sure it's sturdy and doesn't have wheels. Unfortunately the more adjustable they are, the less reliable they are too. And no one wants to come home to his or her clothes in a pile on the floor!

Bonus: Jewelry Storage Idea: Think Outside the Jewelry Box.

OK, so not technically clothes but as we all know that a great statement necklace or earrings can make an outfit. Clunky statement necklaces, dainty chains, and a bevy of earrings don't play together so nicely in your average jewelry box. When there's not enough space things get tangled up or lost completely in the visual clutter. Use straight pins and a stuffed mannequin to display all of your pieces instead. You can find everything easily and you won't forget about some of your favorites because they're buried.

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