Even if you don't have an entire closet devoted to toys, use these tips in pieces (one idea in the bedroom closet, another in the hall). As for keeping the puzzle together…

By Stephanie Sisco
Updated September 12, 2013
Illustration: toy and game closet
Credit: Mike Lemanski

Use a bookshelf. An open shelving unit with fabric drawers keeps books organized and messy mélanges out of sight.

Stuff a suitcase. A lightweight duffel or a child-size suitcase is a great place to stash things that the kids constantly drag into the living room.

Get creative with art supplies. Put markers, paper, glue sticks, or even game pieces in a wheeled cart with shallow drawers.

Hang it up. Why leave tutus and capes smashed in a trunk? Hang costumes on an existing closet rod to keep them fluffy and wrinkle-free.

Add shelf space. Use a hanging sweater organizer as quick, removable shelving. Slide in board games or dress-up accessories.

Maximize your height.
Keep a stash of gifts (ready to grab for friends' birthdays) on the top shelf, or store special items, like her grandmother's tea set, out of reach.