Why This $90 Garment Rack Is Making Waves on TikTok

Store your clothing, shoes, and even your plants.

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IRIS USA PI-B3 Metal Garment Rack with Shelves
Photo: amazon.com

By now you likely know that TikTok is the place to go for pretty much any solution. Whether you need recipes, new music to listen to, or home decor inspiration, TikTok's got it all. Since a lot of people are looking to revamp their homes for spring, now is definitely the time to keep your eyes on the app. Right now, TikTok users can't get enough of the Iris USA Metal Garment Rack from Amazon. It's minimalistic, elevated, and every organization-lover's dream.

Whether you're trying to save some space or add more functional furniture to your home, a garment rack is always a good idea. But this isn't just your standard metal garment rack with a few rods: Apart from having a standard area to hang some of your clothing items, it has shelves that are perfect for shoes and handbags. There's also a bottom shelf to fit even more shoes, if you've got a large collection.

IRIS USA PI-B3 Metal Garment Rack with Shelves

To buy: $90; amazon.com

TikTok users are getting creative with the garment rack, also using it as a plant rack for displaying their greenery somewhere other than a windowsill or counter. Customers outside of TikTok have also discovered the rack's plant-holding abilities. "I'm using it to hang tropical pitcher plants from and I'm very happy with it!" wrote one Amazon reviewer. "As a bonus, it's even holding up quite well to twice-daily mistings, with no rust or warping of that wood at the bottom."

Even on the Amazon product page, the rack isn't demonstrated simply for clothes and shoes. Photos show the case styled with books, a vase, and other trinkets that could use a better place in your home. This TikTok user turned their garment rack into a place to store fragrances, sunglasses, and handbags, plus clothes and shoes. It looks like most customers lean towards the white-colored option with light wood, but there is an option with a black exterior and some darker wood as well.

At $90 you get more bang for your buck, as many garment racks or storage in general carry a hefty price tag. The garment rack has been trending for a bit now on the app, but there's no telling when it'll sell out, so we'd act now if we were you.

To make space for your clothing, shoes, plants, accessories, and everything in between, shop TikTok's favorite Iris USA Garment Rack right now on Amazon.

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