Shoe Storage Wall in closet: space of the week

Space of the Week: A DIYer Built This Gorgeous Floor-to-Ceiling Shoe Storage Wall—and We Want One

This project completely changed her morning routine.
By Katie Holdefehr
April 27, 2021
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Sure, many of us likely have a shoe storage rack in our closets, or even a hanging shoe organizer on the back of the closet door—but what about an entire floor-to-ceiling shoe storage wall? This is the type of organization innovation that happens when someone who both loves fashion and has serious DIY skills decides to craft their own custom closet. Designed and built by Ashley Basnight, the blogger behind Handmade Haven, the massive shoe storage wall is spacious enough to fit 30 pairs of shoes, plus six hats and four drawers for stashing socks and accessories. With every pair of shoes out on display in this walk-in closet, it's now easier for Basnight to find the pair she's looking for. Ready to improve your morning routine? Follow Basnight's lead.

Space of Week, Shoe Storage Wall
Credit: Ashley Basnight / Handmade Haven

How She Made the Built-Ins

To construct this DIY storage solution, Basnight first planned out the space using painter's tape on the wall, marking where each shelf, drawer, and clothing rod would go. Once the space was mapped out, it was time to start building. On her blog, she detailed the entire process, from choosing the materials (she went with maple plywood), to cutting each piece, to spray painting everything and installing the drawers. Want the quick recap? Just watch the Instagram Reel below, which shows how the space came together in just 30 seconds.

How It Changed Her Routine

After moving into a new house in December, Basnight tackled the closet makeover as one of her first major projects. Just like decor can make you feel at home, customized storage that helps your day run smoothly can make your space feel tailor-made for you. "Having my closet finished has drastically changed my morning routine," she says. "For months, I was living out of bins and so unorganized when it came to my clothing, now I have an organized space that allows me to get ready and feel good about getting dressed in the morning." For Basnight, the closet doesn't just help speed up her morning routine, but it makes getting dressed an enjoyable and creative part of her day. "As a girl who loves fashion, I'm so glad I was able to create a space I can really have fun in."

Space of Week, Closet Reveal with gold pulls
Credit: Ashley Basnight / Handmade Haven

Get the Look

Home Depot Gold Drawer Pull
Credit: Home Depot

Glam Hardware

Gold Cabinet Pulls, $14,

All of the drawers and shelves were painted white to make the closet feel clean and minimalist, but glitzy details, such as gold drawer pulls, add personality to the space. 

Home Depot Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper in black and white pattern
Credit: Home Depot

Apply Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper

$35 per roll,

To introduce pattern, Basnight rolled peek-and-stick wallpaper onto the cabinet backs. If you already have built-ins or shelving units in your closet, this is an easy (and affordable) way to update the look. 

Round Gold Mirror from Target
Credit: Target

Gold Frame Mirror


By adding a mirror and leaving counter space free for jewelry, this walk-in closet feels more like a luxurious dressing room. 

Rev-a-Shelf Ironing Board
Credit: Home Depot

Install an Ironing Board


Get ready for a "why didn't I think of that?" moment. Basnight attached a Rev-a-Shelf ironing board to the wall, so she can iron a wrinkled shirt without having to walk to another closet and haul out the bulky ironing board. 

Wood Storage Bin Lids from Container Store
Credit: Container Store

Wood Storage Bins

From $3,

To warm up all of the white and gold in the room, accessorize with wooden storage bins. Not only do the wooden lids on these bins add a natural touch to the shelves, but the lids allow you to stack them to save space.