7 Genius IKEA Hacks That Will Double Your Closet Storage

A little creativity will help you kiss clutter goodbye!

If closet clutter has ever kept you from getting out the door on time, you're not alone. But once you introduce these ingenious IKEA hacks into your closet, you'll find that missing pair of leggings in no time flat—and shave minutes off your morning routine.

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Leave It Hanging

IKEA Hacks Closet Wooden Slats
ICH Designer

Everything has its place on this super clever organizer from ICH Designer. It turns out that the slatted boards from an IKEA bed are the perfect solution for stowing shoes, aligning scarves, and hanging bags. The simple construction of this piece makes it ideal for any closet wall or door, and it presents infinite options for customization.

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Make Room

IKEA Hacks Closet
Home Made by Carmona

No closet? No problem! Hack your way to a stylish wardrobe that is chock-full of storage. Home Made by Carmona reveals an incredibly cheap and easy solution for the closet-less that can be customized to fit any wardrobe. She started with the humble $35 RAST dresser, and after working some DIY magic, she transformed it into what looks like a built-in unit.

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Pump Up Your Kicks

IKEA Hacks Closet Shoe Organizer
IKEA Hackers

Shoes take up a lot of closet space. An easy solution: Elevate your shoe situation with an IKEA picture ledge and some knobs. The shallow depth of these shelves lets you take advantage of wall space without cutting into closet storage. Follow the full how-to on IKEA Hackers.

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Hidden Vanity

IKEA Hacks Closet Storage Bins
Looking for the perfect accessory? Don’t let your style suffer because of a messy closet. This lovely wardrobe vanity by Jenna Sue Design stores shoes and other accessories, allowing you to keep style within reach. Jenna Sue Designer

Looking for the perfect accessory? Don't let your style suffer because of a messy closet. This lovely wardrobe vanity by Jenna Sue Design stores shoes and other accessories within reach.

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Tie It All Together

IKEA Hacks Tie Holder
IKEA Hackers

Closets come in all shapes and sizes—and sometimes with sloped ceilings. This smart idea from IKEA Hackers repurposes an IKEA GRUNDTAL drying rack into a tie holder that works on an incline.

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A Hidden Jewelry Organizer

IKEA closet hack, jewelry organizer behind mirror

Yes, you can stash your jewelry collection in your closet. Install pegboards to one wall of your closet and hide them behind a slim, wall-mounted IKEA mirror. You'll create a space to check out your outfit and reach for some finishing touches. Follow along with the full DIY on Curbly.

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Rolling Shoe Storage

Raskog rolling cart shoe storage IKEA hack
Livet Hemma

The rolling RASKOG cart is perhaps one of the most versatile IKEA products ever made. No surprise here—this portable, three-tiered cart is not only useful in the kitchen and bathroom but also in your bedroom closet. Spotted on the IKEA blog, Livet Hemma, this cart makes an excellent shoe organizer. Fill all three tiers with footwear (stash your favorite pairs near the top so they're easy to grab), then hang sunglasses or other frequently-worn accessories from the top.

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