Whether you favor baseball caps or fedoras, we have a brilliant hat storage idea for you.
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Boho Chic Hat Hanger, Minimal Hat Hanger, Boho Wall Decor
Credit: MadhattersbyRobyn/Etsy

If you're a hat lover, nothing sounds worse than dooming your collection of caps to a sad little shoebox in the corner of your closet. They say accessories can make the outfit—we say accessories can also make or break your closet organization game. No matter how buttoned-up your storage solutions are for your clothing, if you open your closet door only to end up ducking and dodging flying caps, you're no better off than you were when you started.

Luckily, there are tons of practical (and dare we say, stylish) hat storage ideas out there that will help you make sense of your collection in no time. Whether you're looking to corral your many (many) baseball caps or are on the hunt for a way to highlight a few festive fascinators, we've found the products and solutions that are going to make your life—and your bedroom—so much more streamlined. So say farewell to hunting down your favorite World Series hat ahead of the big game or searching for the perfect sunhat for your tropical vacation only to find it crushed beyond repair in the corner of your closet. These hat storage ideas are about to whip your space into shape.

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Ballon stands gold metal hat holders
Credit: Wayfair

Go Classic With Ballon Stands

$84, wayfair.com

Walk into any old-school millinery and you'll probably spot dozens of hats displayed exactly in this manner. Ballon stands are a standby for good reason: They're chic, unassuming (meaning they don't take away from the style the hat is serving up), and—perhaps most importantly—help maintain the form and shape of the hat. These are a great option if you have a smaller collection you'd like to highlight on your dresser or just a few fragile pieces you'd like to help keep their shape. 

Wooden Hanging Hat Organizer on wall
Credit: Etsy

Transform Them Into Art

From $42, etsy.com

Many people make a habit of collecting beautiful hats throughout their lives, and it wouldn't be a leap to call some of the more intricate styles true works of art. If that sounds like you, you'll want to elevate your collection with a hat storage idea just as beautiful as your brims. Look for a wall hanger or display that keeps your caps out in the open and shows them off like the true stars they are. This option from Etsy is great for a boho-inspired collection, but there are plenty of design out there to suit any style. 

woman bust statue in black
Credit: CB2

Top Off a Cheeky Statue

$149, CB2.com

For a touch of whimsy in your space, nothing is more charming than storing a few hats atop a bust statue. Sure, this may not be the most practical solution if you boast a large collection, but for those with a more modest headcount (pun intended), it's a super fun way to add a little wink to your decor. And who knows, the artsy twist may inspire you to get more creative with your own outfits. 

Back-of-Door Metal Hat Rack
Credit: Etsy

Utilize the Back of a Door

$21, etsy.com

Making the most of your closet doors is a great way to double—or even triple—your available storage space in no time at all. While most aren't large enough to house everyday attire, they can be a great place to store your hat collection. Splurge on a large-scale rack if you have the need, but we happen to love this streamlined option that uses brackets to hang your hats. Not only is it inexpensive and practically invisible when it's completely decked out in beanies or caps, but its small footprint means there may still be leftover space on your door to stash other items, too. 

Hat Box with Floral lining
Credit: Streamline Luggage

Keep Them Safe in a Hat Box

$255, streamlineluggage.com

If you have the extra shelf space, you really can't go wrong with storing your collection in a traditional hat box—after all, that's literally what they're designed for! There are plenty of modern iterations of the hat box out there, but if it suits your style, this could be a great occasion to shop vintage, too. Either way, look for a coordinating set (if you boast a larger collection) or a single box where you can store multiple hats. To truly get all the benefits of utilizing a hat box, your chosen case should have hard supportive sides and a soft interior—you can even line it with tissue paper if your toppers need a little extra TLC. 

Bronze Hat Hook with hat on it
Credit: Amazon

Hang a Wall Hook

$21, amazon.com

Another great solution for those who want to look at their collection on the reg, these vintage-inspired wall hooks are begging to be made into a cool, creative gallery wall. Whether you hang just one to highlight a favorite piece or start a boutique-worthy wall display, you can be sure your hat will be well-maintained. Each of these sturdy metal fixtures boasts an umbrella-shaped holder that will firmly maintain the hat's form, making this a great option for more structured styles like fedoras or straw boater hats. 

Wooden Pegboard Hat Organizer with shelves
Credit: Etsy

Post Up a Pegboard

From $89, etsy.com

Looking to outfit a mudroom or other large space with a flexible and bountiful hat storage solution? Consider hanging a pegboard. They can be as DIY-heavy (or light) as you'd like—you can shop your local hardware store for the supplies and hunt down a Pinterest project, or pick up a pre-fab board on a site like Etsy. With dozens of sizes to choose from, this is a personalized storage solution that's especially perfect for family living. 

IKEA Curtain Rod Hat Storage Idea
Credit: IKEA

Use a Curtain Rod and Hookss

$6, ikea.com

Sometimes great storage ideas just take a bit of extra creativity. Case in point: this curtain rod method, which transforms the traditional window treatment into a slim and sleek way to stash your hats. Simply buy the rod of your choice, along with O-rings, which typically come with little clips (you can also go for S-hooks if you'd rather not clip something onto your hat). Hang the rod to your desired height, thread on the hooks, and clip on hats to your heart's content.

West Elm Clear Acrylic Box
Credit: West Elm

Stack Them in Acrylic Boxes

$48 for 2, westelm.com

You know those stores you walk into that are just so blissfully organized that you immediately feel at ease—and ready to buy everything on the shelves? Yeah, that could be your closet, with help from just a few strategically placed acrylic boxes. Something about acrylic just instantly elevates and modernizes an interior, but these boxes' benefits go far beyond their appearance. They're stackable, durable, and keep everything in sight, which is great if you're someone who is rocking a different baseball cap every day. 

Amazon Hanging Hat Storage Organizer, fabric organizer
Credit: Amazon

Hang a Closet Organizer

$20, amazon.com

If you're willing to sacrifice a little hanger space for your hat collection, this fabric hat organizer could be perfect for you. Not only is it inexpensive and space-saving, but it can also be tuck away when not in use. This style from Boxy Concepts attaches to your closet clothing rod with a secure velcro wrap and touts 10 individual compartments for your hats, each with its own sturdy base.