Now’s the time to tackle the clutter.

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated April 17, 2018
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Springtime is basically the New Year for neatniks: the time when organizing resolutions are made, to-do lists are drawn up, and tasks are checked off one by one (or else they're abandoned by the time summer starts). To help us stick to our closet-cleaning resolutions this year, the Container Store's mega sale is giving us a few less excuses. Closet organizers are too expensive, you say? Discounts are now up to 25 percent off on over 600 closet-transforming essentials. You don't know where to begin? Their starter kits will get you going. You don't know what you're doing? Their expert tips will help. Okay, are you all out of excuses? Shop the essentials below before the sale ends on May 13, and you're already halfway to your closet-cleaning goals.

The Container Store

Napa Woven Storage Bins

Problem #1: Everything is piled onto your closet shelves without any containers. The simple solution: Invest in some bins and baskets that are sturdy and stylish. Use one bin to corral socks, and another to stash belts. Things are looking better already. 

To buy: From $16 (originally $21);

The Container Store

Basic Natural Wooden Hangers

It may not sound like a life-changing trick, but trust us on this one: upgrading to matching hangers works closet-transforming magic. Your closet will instantly look neater, even if you don't get rid of a single item. 

To buy: From $6 (originally $8);

The Container Store

Grey Drop-Front Shoe Box

No matter how tidy your closet is, shoe storage is probably still a problem. To keep your favorite flats, mules, and comfy sneakers in tip-top shape, stash them in drop-front storage bins that are almost as chic as the shoes they contain. 

To buy: $11 (originally $15);

The Container Store

Umbra Gold Jewelry Storage Kit

If you currently have no system in place for storing your jewelry collection, you're going to want to order this complete organizing set ASAP. It keeps necklaces, earrings, and bangles neat and tidy—and it leaves them on display so you can quickly find the bauble you're searching for. 

To buy: $45 (originally $60);

The Container Store

Blue Waters Scented Shelf & Drawer Liners

Painting the interior of your closet may be a little more than you'd like to do right now, but adding a colorful (and scented!) drawer liner to the top of the shelves gets a similar effect in way less time. A pop of pattern has the power to change the entire look of an all-white closet. 

To buy: $6 (originally $12);