Make it easy to locate your favorite stilettos or sandals with one of these clever shoe organization strategies.
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If a massive pile of shoes is piling up on your closet floor (or by your front door!), you need a little organization help. Fortunately, the pros at Horderly have three smart ways to tackle the shoe pile for good—whether you have extra shelf or floor space for shoe storage, or you need to think vertically.

Tip: Rather than storing each pair with their toes facing the same direction, swap one shoe so its heel is next to its match's toe, to help you maximize your space.

clear boxes
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Clear Shoe Boxes


Upgrade your standard cardboard shoe boxes for these clear plastic containers, which allow you to easily see what's inside—and get to your favorite sneakers even faster. These work great for that top shelf in the closet, or other shelving units. 

organize shoes
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Mesh Shoe Shelves


Make the most of your closet floor storage with stackable mesh shelves, which can stash up to four pairs of women's shoes (or three pairs of men's) on each shelf. 

shoe organizer over door
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Over the Door Shoe Storage


If you lack space for shoe storage, this clever over-the-door hanger helps you use every inch of space.