How to Organize Shoes Using 3 Simple Methods

Easily find your shoes with one of these shoe-organizing techniques.

Many people own a wide variety of shoes—from business and dress-up shoes to casual and athletic sneakers. Plus, many might have shoes for the various seasons of the year, such as boots for winter and sandals for summer. It's only reasonable that a decent way to organize shoes would be needed, especially if your closet space is small.

If a massive pile of shoes has accumulated on your closet floor (or by your front door!), you need a little organizational help. Fortunately, the pros at Horderly have three clever ways to tackle the shoe pile for good—whether you have an extra shelf or floor space for shoe storage or need to think vertically.

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Use Clear Shoe Boxes

Clear box containers stacked and organized with household items
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Upgrade standard cardboard shoe boxes for clear plastic containers, which allow you to easily see what's inside—and get to your favorite shoes even faster. These work great for that top shelf in the closet or other shelving units. This is also a great way to store shoes you don't use daily and wish to keep for occasional use.

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Install Mesh Shoe Shelves

Mesh shoe shelf with three pairs of cream heels
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Make the most of your closet floor storage with stackable mesh shelves, which can stash up to four pairs of women's shoes or three pairs of men's on each shelf. By stacking a few shelves, you can increase the number of shoes stored and get them off the floor. For entryways, look for hall trees with shelves below for shoe storage. Tip: Rather than placing each pair with their toes facing the same direction, swap one shoe so the heel is next to its match's toe, which helps maximize space.

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Try Over-the-Door Shoe Storage

12-pair over-the-door shoe organizer with six pairs of shoes
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Those with a small closet can try this solution. If you lack floor area or space for shoe storage, this clever over-the-door hanger helps you use every inch of space. Simply place your shoes in the sleeves of the container for easy access.

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