This trend has a lot to teach us. 

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated May 22, 2018
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Kwanchai_Khammuean/Getty Images

With more and more millennials choosing to live in apartments and tiny homes, space-savvy home solutions are seeing a surge in popularity in recent years. One trend that's really taking off is open closets, with Pinterest seeing a 126 percent rise in search for the term in 2018. Scrolling through images of these impossibly organized standing closets—where there's quite literally nowhere for clutter to hide—is making us reconsider how we organize our own closets. Even if you have a spacious walk-in (or just an average-sized closet), these trendy freestanding closets that maximize every inch of space have something to teach us. Here, 4 important organizing lessons we can learn from the open closet trend.

Rule 1: Always keep your closet seasonal (no matter how much space you have)

Before Kelsey from A Balancing Peach decided to start an open closet, she kept all of her clothing for every season in one large closet. Sure, she had the space to do it, but she ended up wearing the same clothing over and over again because it was too difficult to sort through. Instead, pack away off-season clothing (yes, even if you have a glorious walk-in closet!) so you can see your wardrobe more clearly and will remember those pieces you would otherwise forget about.

Rule 2: Leave accessories on display

If you can't see it, you probably won't remember to wear it. With this rule in mind, Quentin & Co. created the most beautiful open closet, featured on Style Me Pretty. That means keep everything from hats, to jewelry, to scarves out where you can see them, rather than stuff them inside a drawer. Not only does it create a more visually interesting display, but your wardrobe will be better for it.

Rule 3: Choose the right organizers (and yes, you need them)

In an open closet, the clothing rack or shelving system is everything, because without it, you'd just have a pile of clothes on the floor. Treat your walk-in closet with the same consideration, and invest in an organizing unit that will help divide the space. In this open closet from Inspired By Charm, an elfa system from The Container Store turns a blank bedroom wall into a makeshift closet, but luckily, the same unit works in a larger closet, too. Once you invest in a closet system, you'll wonder how you ever thought a bar and one shelf were going to cut it.

Rule 4: Don't Forget About Wall Space

The wall behind an open closet is typically a crucial part of the design, but in a regular closet, we tend to forget that the walls even exist. To use this space more efficiently, follow In Honor of Design's lead and add some simple wall hooks that can hold hats, handbags, and other accessories. While you're at it, add some hooks to the back of the closet door, too!