Take a Look at One Mom’s Amazing Closet Makeover

Dana Gentile, mother of three and a fifth-grade teacher in Hawthorne, New York, was in need of a master closet revamp. Real Simple swooped in to transform her storage space and help make her mornings go a little smoother.

Dana Gentile Closet After

Without much rhyme or reason as to where items were placed, the morning rush was a bit of a challenge. “Clothes piled up, and my pocketbooks were up so high that I had to pull over a chair every day to reach them,” says Dana. Now, the space is organized, easy to navigate, and with every item having its own spot. 

If you want to tackle your own closet makeover at home, take a look at these genius storage finds below and some of our tips. Check out Dana's bedroom makeover here.


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Photo by bedbathandbeyond.com

When you look at a closet as a collection of separate, smaller storage spots instead of a big black hole, it's easy to assign each section one type of item so you can find things quickly. We put T-shirts in wire baskets, ties and belts in divided containers, and pants in decorative bins. Structure the often-ignored floor with a wooden box (ours holds sneakers) to squeeze in even more storage.

To buy: Spectrum Metal Wire Storage Basket, $13; bedbathandbeyond.com.


Medium Sage & Silver Kiva Bins

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To buy: $13 each; containerstore.com.


Grey Purse Bin

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To buy: $20; containerstore.com


3-Section Grey Drawer Organizer

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To buy: $20 each; containerstore.com, available in linen and gray.


Clear Shelf Divider

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To buy: $10 each; containerstore.com.


Whitewashed Wooden Bin

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To buy: $25; containerstore.com.


Slimline Flocked Suit Hangers

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To buy: $30 for 50; bedbathandbeyond.com.


Hook Yourself Up With a Grab-and-Go Rack

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The secret to getting out the door in a flash? Give your everyday essentials (scarf, hat, tote) a landing spot so they’re always at the ready.

To buy: Estique hook, $20; umbra.com.


Keep It Neat

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To make the most of limited drawer space, use a “fold and file” approach. Divided inserts keep items from spilling over and becoming a big, messy jumble.

To buy: Narrow 8-section gray drawer organizer, $15; containerstore.com; narrow 2-section drawer organizers in linen and gray.


Twill Drawer Organizer

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To buy: $5; containerstore.com.