Running out of space? These pop-up closets will help you stay organized.

By Amanda Lauren
Updated May 08, 2019
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“I have enough closet space,” said no one ever—which is why a portable closet is a lifesaver. If you’re looking for a portable wardrobe closet, there are many options available, depending on your needs. Do you need to move your off-season wardrobe in and out of storage a few times a year? Or does your bedroom simply lack adequate closet space and you really need an additional closet?

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Bedrooms aren’t the only areas that can benefit from portable closets. You can use one to store linens in the bathroom, boxes of papers in your home office, or even just to hold miscellaneous items safely out of the way in your garage, basement, or storage room.

Whether you care more about closet style or price, here are some of the best portable closets to suit all of your needs.


This sturdy canvas wardrobe contains 60 inches of storage space, which offers plenty of room for your off-season wardrobe. It also features pockets on each side for shoes and a zipper to protect your clothing from dust and other debris, making it an ideal choice for the basement or attic. It’s also available in a 27-inch size ($21; for smaller spaces.

To buy: $34;


This well-designed wood and iron wardrobe is meant to be seen. It has a bar for clothing, as well as shelves for shoes and folded items like sweaters and T-shirts. But what makes it really unique is the attached full-length mirror. This piece is a useful addition to small spaces that lack storage.

To buy: $350


Just because a closet is portable doesn’t mean it can’t be customized (or cute). That’s what makes this system so amazing: the connecting cubes can be assembled in any way you wish. The bright yellow color is fun for a child’s or teenager's room, and while it's relatively inexpensive, this system can grow with you for years to come.

To buy: $61;


Do you need just a little bit of extra storage space? This armoire from Ikea gets the job done affordably. Available in both white and black, this two-door portable closet has a rod and a small shelving unit inside, making it a good place to store both shoes and taller items like boots. This minimalist style fits into most decor schemes.

To buy: $109;


This portable closet from Target is one of the most stylish racks on wheels we’ve seen. Not only does it have a bar for clothing, it also features a modern-looking wood shoe rack at the bottom.

To buy: $55;


This bright fabric closet is great for a kid’s room, an adult bedroom, or even a college dorm that needs some extra storage space and a big pop of color. It features a bar to hang clothes, but also has a ton of shelves for bedding, towels, shoes, handbags, or even toys.

To buy: $43;


Are you trying to teach little ones to keep their room tidy and organized? This cute little rack is kid height, which also makes it helpful for those trying to get ready for school on their own in the morning. This cheap portable closet from Walmart comes in blue, pink, purple, and white.

To buy: starting at $31;


If you’re looking for a basic and affordable portable closet, this rack adjusts to accommodate longer dresses, skirts, or coats. The wheels make this rack extra portable and easy to move from room to room.

To buy: $9;


No linen closet? No problem. This closet provides a useful and sophisticated alternative to a linen closet that can easily be moved from one home to another, making it ideal for renters. With three drawers and four shelves, there is plenty of room for towels, bedding, and even toiletries.

To buy: $462;


If you’re looking for a portable closet, Ikea has several. This one features every kind of storage you need, including shelves, a hanging bar, and drawers that are easy to pull out and organize. It also has adjustable feet, making it possible to compensate for sloping or other flooring irregularities. The floral print doors are a sweet touch.

To buy: $625;


This armoire isn’t just for storage. It’s a truly beautiful piece of furniture that is just as well-designed on the inside as it is on the outside, with a bar to hang items, shelves for folded clothes, and a drawer.

To buy: $410;


This rolling rack holds up to 400 pounds, so there’s no need to worry about those heavy wools coats or other winter items collapsing the rack. With 63 inches of storage and an add-on hangrail, it can store your entire off-season wardrobe and more.

To buy: $73;