Ohuhu belt organizer hanger: laundry hack for hanging face masks dry

I Found a Secret Use for This Belt Hanger That Has Nothing to Do With Belts

 I don’t wear belts, but I do wear face masks.
By Laura Gurfein
March 04, 2021
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Belts look bad on me. I'm now old enough and wise enough to admit that the dominant denim style of my teenage years—low-rise to the point of butt crack-baring—improperly informed this opinion, but I still treat it as fact. Regardless, I ended up with a belt hanger in my closet at some point, likely thanks to my well-meaning mom. And until last year, nothing hung on it.

That's when a whole new category of practical accessories exploded in popularity. I'm talking about face masks, of course. My team of shopping writers and editors ditched planned stories about spring-break sandals and swimsuits and became experts in CDC-approved face coverings, where to find them, and which ones were the best. Then we moved on to mask hacks, including how to wash and store them. This $10 belt hanger is my face mask hack.

Ohuhu belt organizer hanger
Credit: amazon.com

To buy: $10 (was $20); amazon.com.

Instead of holding up to 12 belts, it now holds up to 12 masks. I primarily pull it out on laundry day: Each of its stainless steel hooks is perfectly spaced so that one mask doesn't touch the others as they dry. I live alone, but if I was in a multi-person household, I'd leave it by the front door to keep mask mania at bay. It lives in my closet when not in use, and its light-colored frame easily distinguishes itself from my sea of black velvet hangers. Plus, its swivel hook rotates 360 degrees—a strict requirement for any of my hangers.

I may not be the first person to discover this hack (Real Simple's deputy digital editor does this, too), but it's definitely still under the radar. Out of the nearly 400 Amazon shoppers who left a five-star review for the Ohuhu Belt Hanger, just one mentions face masks. Besides belts, customers use it to hang bras, scarves, purses, ties, and strappy tank tops. My mom uses hers for long necklaces. They're all my post-pandemic inspirations.

A single hanger typically costs $20, but it's on sale at Amazon right now. You can get one for $10 or two for $16. You can also stock up on face masks to hang on it.

Ohuhu belt organizer hanger
Credit: amazon.com

To buy: $16; amazon.com.