This will inspire you to (finally) organize your cluttered closet. 
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Instagram is a treasure trove of all sorts of inspiration, including some of the most enviable closet organization makeovers. Our favorites are those that let you swipe between the before-and-after, so you can really appreciate the dramatic transformation. Besides motivating us to turn our own closet "befores" into "afters," these closets are full of tidbits of organizing wisdom we can incorporate into our own homes. Below, we've rounded up a few closet makeovers and highlighted some of the takeaway lessons we can learn from each. Feeling inspired to tackle your own clutter? Start by purging these 11 things you won't miss right now. 

Lesson #1: Choose Cohesive Hangers 

One small change that had a big visual impact in this closet from the Olive Branch Cottage is the switch to matching wood and metal hangers from Target ($20 for 24, Before, a mix of cheap plastic and wire hangers made the closet look more disorganized than it was, but the matching hangers lend a cohesive look. Plus, they help space out the garments evenly so it's easier to find what you're looking for. 

One more tip: Keep your most-worn shoes on display, then hide the others out-of-sight, yet within reach (less-frequently-worn pairs are stashed inside the woven baskets). 

Lesson #2: Upgrade Your Closet System 

We've said it before and we'll say it again: closet organizers aren't going to solve all of your organizational woes if you don't do the hard work of decluttering first. But, once you've sorted through your belongings, choosing a closet system that fits your needs is transformative. Exhibit A: the beautiful closet makeover above by the Crazy Wonderful blog. 

As you're sorting through your closet, make note of your storage needs: Do you mostly hang clothes or fold them? Do you have a lot of shoes, or are you more into hats? Everyone's wardrobe is different, so be sure to customize your closet system to match what you actually own. The closet above uses the IKEA PAX system, which has pieces that can be mixed and matched to create your dream closet. 

Lesson #3: Incorporate Hidden Storage 

Let's face it, most of us can't keep up with a Marie Kondo-level clothes-folding method every single day. And our stacks of imperfectly folded clothes just don't look as attractive. Abbey Chiavario from The Chia House has a solution: Add a dresser (the one pictured above is an IKEA MALM) to your closet so you can stash folded clothing neatly out of view. A storage bin on the top shelf also stores a jumble of accessories where they're hidden in plain sight.