Admit it: There’s so much stuff in your junk drawer you’ve lost track of what’s actually in there. It’s time to clean it up.

By Megan Thielking
Updated April 10, 2018
crisserbug/Getty Images

Your junk drawer is filled with a tangle of rubber bands, takeout menus, spare change, and so much else—it’s all so jumbled up you actually have no idea what’s in there. So it’s time to clean it up. The idea of sifting through all that stuff might feel overwhelming, but it’s not as hard as it seems. Start by ditching these five items:

crisserbug/Getty Images

Instruction Manuals

You might tuck away instruction manuals just in case items like your coffee pot or Bluetooth speaker ever break down. But manufacturers put an instruction manual online for almost every new product. Run a quick search and if the instructions are available online, toss your hard copy in the recycling bin.

Extra Pens

Pens are a common freebie—you might pick them up at work, conferences, even hotels—which means you might have way more pens in your desk drawer than you’ll ever really need. Pare down your collection to just a handful.

Takeout Menus

Toss out the crumpled-up takeout menus you hang onto for the next time you’re craving Thai food or cheap pizza. Instead, bookmark your favorite menus online so they’re easy to access.

Old Coupons and Receipts

If coupons are expired, they won’t save you any money (instead, we suggest downloading your grocery store’s app on your phone, for access to the latest savings!). And, if you know you’re keeping an item, go ahead and throw away the receipt for it.

Spare Change

Gather up all the loose coins in your junk drawer and throw them in a dedicated change jar (or your waller) to keep your drawer less cluttered.