It's a total time-saver, too. 

By Tamara Kraus
Updated October 17, 2017

What can’t Chrissy Teigen do? As a new mom, she’s got even more tricks up under her sleeve than ever before, and according to her latest Instagram post, she’s got a life-changing tip to transform the way you organize your kitchen spices. And yes, baby Luna is involved.

The model and cookbook author recently posted the most adorable video of Luna helping her out in the kitchen. The video shows Teigen and Luna labeling and organizing the spice rack in the kitchen—and comes just in time for the holidays, when time is of the essence and those spices will be used on repeat.

In the video, Teigen says that she had dreamed of doing this spice-rack organization for years, and thanks to Luna, she finally got it done. Based on the video, the two completed this super calming hack by labeling matching mason jars with every spice in the kitchen, so everything looks neat and tidy—no more jumbled, messy spice jars falling out of the cabinet.

Whatever you’re serving up this holiday season, the process is sure to go way smoother once you’ve completed this fun little organizing project. You’ll know exactly where everything is, so you can spend more time enjoying the cooking and less time stressing over where the nutmeg disappeared to.

After watching this too-cute-for-words snippet into her life, we can agree with Teigen that, indeed, it’s the little things that really light up our lives.