Blogger Camille Styles shares her expert tips on keeping everything tidy – even with kids.

By Tamara Kraus
Updated July 11, 2018
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Lifestyle and entertainment expert Camille Styles knows a thing or two about creating a gorgeous, yet practical home. And as a mom, she has a wealth of knowledge to share. She recently teamed up with Target to showcase the new small-home-friendly line, Made By Design, and her ideas are genius. We chatted with Styles about her favorite organizing hacks that will make your home finally stay tidy once and for all.


What’s the One Organizer You Can’t Live Without?

"See-through canisters for my pantry have been total game-changers at our house. They make shelves look organized and polished, and are one of the most affordable ways that I’ve transformed the look of my pantry. Since I can quickly see the snacks or ingredients I’m running low on with one glance, they’re also helpful for last-minute grocery runs!"


What’s Your Best-Kept Secret For Keeping a Small Space or Apartment Organized?

"Get creative with display options by creating storage solutions that double as decoration. High heels look chic on a  bookshelf in the bedroom, hats can be unexpected wall decor on a hook in the living room, and ceramic bowls and platters look great on a mantle or coffee table."


What Are Your Top Tips for Keeping The Kitchen Organized?

Fill open shelves with stackable dishes so they're within easy reach. Sticking to a streamlined color palette throughout decor, dishes, and bakeware gives your kitchen that minimalist look you’ll find in professional kitchens. Plus, I love being able to mix and match all the neutral pieces I own. I also corral appliances off the counter. We’ve all got those bulky appliances that take up too much space on the counter, so I put mine  on a rolling cart that can easily be wheeled in and out of the kitchen when not in use. It keeps my countertops clean and cord-free. Lastly, organize frequently used oils, vinegars, and seasonings on a pretty cake stand on the kitchen counter. It keeps them grouped together and simplifies cooking prep."


What Tips Do You Have For Keeping a Tiny Closet Organized?

"Make the most of vertical space by hanging shelves from the closet rod. It’s a great way to store clothes, shoes, and accessories without sacrificing floor space.  This one has adjustable shelves and  fabric bin inserts that take organization to the next level. Use accessory hooksto eliminate shelf clutter by hanging scarves and bags. Matching thin, space-saving hangers are a great way to not only organize but help to maintain a sleek, cohesive aesthetic. For bulky items like coats and floor-length dresses, a garment rack can actually look very stylish in the bedroom or entryway, and it frees up the more valuable closet space."