I’m the type of person who has to check that her wallet is in her bag every 10 minutes—but this Bluetooth tracker finally set my mind at ease.

By Lauren Phillips
Updated March 08, 2019
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Credit: adero.com

For the forgetful types, Bluetooth trackers are the key to finding, well, keys, plus wallets and laptops and tablets and all those other items that tend to wander off. For better or for worse, I am not a forgetful type, and I’m not the type to lose my possessions or forget where I set things around my apartment, so I have never felt the need to purchase a Bluetooth tracker.

No, my key-finding concerns center around making sure that my keys (and all my other essentials) are in my bag. On a day spent out and about, I’ll easily check my bag fifteen to twenty times to make sure my wallet, keys, and phone charger are inside. I even check once or twice on my daily commute, just to be sure everything’s where I need it to be.

My nervous habit is definitely annoying—especially when I have to linger to zip up my bag and whoever I’m with walks on. So when I heard about Adero, a Bluetooth tracker made to ensure your bag is packed right, I was more than a little excited.

Popular Bluetooth trackers and key locators can help you find your items once they’re lost, which is great, but not an issue I (typically) need to solve. Instead, Adero functions as a Bluetooth tracker for your bag and establishes a system to keep everything where it needs to be.

It has two elements, a Tag and Taglets, per bag. The Tag goes on the bag, and the Taglets stick to the items—wallet, keys, laptop, passport, phone, whatever—that need to be in the bag. Set-up takes a few minutes but is simple, thanks to the Adero app (available for both iPhones and Androids): You just need to name each bag and each item and connect them all.

Once it’s set up, you just need to press the button on your Tag, and it will give the green light, literally, if everything is inside your bag. If not, you can check the app to see what’s missing and start looking for it. The Tag can also track your bag, so if you forget it at a coffee shop (or a child forget his or her backpack at school), you can find it.

The Adero app can schedule a number of reminders or actions that will help you remember your gym bag, for example, for Saturday morning spin classes or your camera bag for a weekend adventure. For hectic mornings, especially those involving sending kids off to school, each child can have his or her own bag, plus a reminder to check each bag before heading out the door. You can even set it up to send notifications to your phone if an item is removed from your bag.

It’s not perfect: The bag tag does need to be charged every week or two, so there is some maintenance involved. Each must-have item needs its own Taglet, and purchasing that many Taglets can add up. (Adero currently sells an expansion set of three Taglets for $35.) Also, once a bag is set up and items are named and attached to a bag, it can be difficult to reuse a Taglet for a different item, if you get a new wallet, say.

The Adero system is currently sold in three kits, with different combinations of Tags and Taglets in each. Kits start at $80, though you can get the Starter Kit at a $10 discount from Amazon currently.

Adero may be just like other Bluetooth trackers and key finders in some ways, but it’s the first system I’ve found that can tell me, just from a quick look at the app, that my wallet, keys, and phone charger are in my bag—and at the end of the day, that’s what I really need.