Tackle these areas first to make your home run more smoothly.

Just because you're quarantined inside your house doesn't mean you should feel compelled to spend your time reorganizing every inch of it. But if you are looking for some organization projects to tackle right now, these are the five areas you might want to consider starting with. As many of us are cooking more than usual, clear kitchen counters will make the process easier. And in the effort to stop germs the second they enter our homes, a tidy entryway can help. Start by organizing the five key spots below, then go ahead and tackle that closet overhaul while wearing pajamas for the fifth day in a row.

1 Organize Your Kitchen Counters and Drawers

When many of us are now cooking three meals a day and spending more time than usual in our kitchens, clearing off the kitchen counters should be on the top of our organizing to-do lists. For starters, if you can, try to move all of the food you've stockpiled to the fridge or pantry (more on that, below). Relocate any mail or papers. Especially now, when mail and deliveries should be handled with some caution, they probably don't belong on your cooking surface.

Try to keep only the tools, condiments, and spices you use every day out on the counter. To contain it all, try our editor-in-chief's brilliant tray trick for a tidy kitchen counter.

Then, organize your kitchen utensil drawer so it's easy to grab exactly what you need while cooking or serving meals.

2 Tackle the Paper Pile (and Tax Forms!)

Especially since the U.S. Treasury Department has extended its deadline for filing income taxes until July 15, 2020 (formerly April 15, 2020), it's a great time to actually get your paperwork and important documents in order. This is a chore many of us (for obvious reasons) procrastinate on, but once you have a system in place to sort tax forms, insurance documents, and bank statements, it will be easier to maintain order in the future.

Also, as we all consider emergency preparedness at this time, having your identification, insurance paperwork, and medical forms in one easy-to-locate spot can be incredibly helpful during an emergency situation.

3 Rearrange Your Entryway, Considering Cleanliness

Nowadays, walking in the front door requires a thorough disinfecting process. To help facilitate that, take some time to clear out extra coats or decorative items you don't necessarily need in this area.

If you have the space, set up a spot to remove your shoes right as you walk in the door. Leave some hand sanitizer on an entryway console or shelf so you can quickly clean your hands (before washing them at the sink) and disinfecting wipes to wipe down the doorknob or handle.

4 Declutter Your Pantry

By now, it seems like everyone on Instagram has shared their pantry organization tips and makeovers—but hey, there's really never been a more crucial time for pantry staples. Start by removing everything from the pantry, checking expiration dates, and wiping down the shelves before following these pantry organization tips from the pros. You'll be thankful when you can spot every single can of soup, ramen packet, and box of pasta at a glance.

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5 Tackle the Closet

It may seem counter-intuitive, but during quarantine, when many of us are likely wearing sweatpants 24/7, it's actually a good time to reorganize our closets. With a little bit of distance and perspective, you can more objectively evaluate which work outfits you actually wear and those you never touch. While you're sure to discover items you can purge from your closet right away, you may also find clothing and jewelry you forgot you owned and are excited to wear again.