The 26 Best Storage Baskets to Organize Every Part of Your Home

Plus, expert advice from a professional organizer on how to choose (and use!) one.

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Storage baskets are the key to a functional and tidy home. Even if you've decluttered every closet and adopted good organizing habits, there are still a lot of things that you have to keep. Toiletries, bath towels, extra bedding, and other loose items can threaten the calm of a clean home if they don't have a designated place. Keeping your home organized is also an expert tip for making moving easier.

To come up with this list of the best storage baskets, we researched dozens of baskets and bins on the market, evaluating them based on style, functionality, and overall value. We also considered ways to save you as much space as possible by considering their ability to stack, nest, or collapse. For expert advice, we spoke to design and organization consultant Liz Dahmen of Make Space LLC, who says that storage baskets are the "final piece in the organizing puzzle."

"Organize first, basket last," says Dahmen. "Once you know what you want to contain, how much of it you have, and where you want it to live, then (and only then) should you start your basket search."

Here are the best storage baskets for every part of your home.

GooBloo Woven Blanket Basket

GooBloo Woven Blanket Basket


Who it's for: For people who want a versatile basket so they can keep extra blankets close by.

Who it isn't for: People who would rather store blankets in a closet or under their bed.

This two-toned, handcrafted basket is ideal for corralling all your cozy throws and blankets (aka Netflix binge essentials). Handcrafted out of a unique blend of hogla plant fiber and plastic, it’s a basket that looks and feels natural but is built to last. The rounded shape and woven handles (useful for carting from room to room), translates perfectly to the modern home. Place one at the end of your sofa or the side of the bed to soften corners and add a bit of handwoven flair to your decor. 

Material: Cotton and jute | Dimensions: 17 x 17 inches

Open Spaces Medium Storage Bins, Set of 2

Open Spaces Medium Storage Bins, Set of 2

Open Spaces

Who it's for: People who want a versatile storage box that comes in multiple sizes and colors.

Who it isn't for: Anyone who is looking for a basket made with natural materials.

No matter what you need to stow away, there's a good chance that these storage bins from Open Spaces can do the job. Available in three different sizes and a multitude of colors, these plastic storage baskets are stylish enough to keep out on your desk, dresser, or countertop. There are two different lid styles—wooden and plastic—available for an additional charge, which allow you to hide clutter and stack the chic bins on top of each other.

Material: Plastic | Dimensions: Multiple sizes available

Pottery Barn White Wash Tava Handwoven Rattan Lidded Box

Pottery Barn White Wash Tava Handwoven Rattan Lidded Box

Pottery Barn

Who it's for: People who are looking for stylish bathroom storage baskets.

Who it isn't for: Those who prefer to store toiletries in cabinets.

This woven basket is the perfect place to stash your bathroom toiletries. Complete with a latched lid that hides unsightly labels and clutter, this storage box is handcrafted out of rattan (a material revered for its durability) and finished with a light wash that accentuates the natural textures. The collection also includes a coordinating wastebasket, tissue box cover, and tray to complete the look.

Material: Rattan | Dimensions: 6 x 11 x 5.25 inches

Terrain Wide Weave Leather Basket

Terrain Wide Weave Leather Basket


Who it's for: People who appreciate luxe accents.

Who it isn't for: People who want a more laid-back vibe.

Hand-crafted leather baskets, like this camel tan wide-weave basket from Terrain, lend an artisanal accent to your space. Leather is a material that ages with grace, so this purchase will only get better with time. An unexpected take on traditional storage, this luxe basket is itself a work of art. We think this basket is best for storing books and magazines due to its shape and handles.

Material: Leather | Dimensions: 19 x 13 x 9 inches

Opalhouse Designed With Jungalow Medium Sewn Basket

Best Storage Baskets

Who it's for: People who want a basket that's suitable for a plant.

Who it isn't for: People who are looking for stackable or lidded baskets.

Looking for a basket to house a plant? Look no further than this pot-shaped basket from the Opalhouse Designed With Jungalow collection at Target. The natural and black hues will match any space, and the cutout handles and tassels add visual interest. The basket also comes in a smaller size, so you can get a matching set and place them next to each other or spread them around the room. Even if you don't need a makeshift plant stand, you can store almost anything in this basket.

Material: Abaca | Dimensions: 11 x 11 x 11 inches

Horpait Hanging Fruit Basket

Best Storage Baskets

Who it's for: People with limited kitchen storage and counter space.

Who it isn't for: People who don't want to attach anything to their wall.

Hanging baskets are major space savers—especially if you have limited counter space in the kitchen. They're an easy way to clear the clutter from your countertops, and they double as wall decor. We think this three-tiered jute basket is great for storing produce; pile your sweet potatoes and onions in the bottom, your bananas and citrus in the middle, and your smallest goods in the top basket. Each tier is detachable, so you can also choose to hang them separately. The set comes with three vintage hooks and one adhesive hook, so you don't even have to stop at the hardware store before attaching these baskets to the wall. You can also use these wall-hanging baskets to display plants, like a string of pearls or an inch plant could add a pop of color and texture to your wall.

Material: Jute | Dimensions: 14.2 x 14.2 x 33 inches

Baba Tree Pakurigo Basket

Best Storage Baskets

Who it's for: People who are looking for an artisan-made basket with a unique design.

Who it isn't for: People who are looking for a budget-friendly storage solution.

It's definitely more of a splurge than some of the other storage baskets on this list, but this artisan-made basket from Baba Tree is a work of art that might be worth the additional cost. Not only does it come in gorgeous multicolor and black-and-white patterns, but it also has a unique wave-like design that adds more dimension than the traditional square or circular shapes of many other baskets. Since it doubles as decor, you can leave it on the floor filled with blankets, toys, and other knick-knacks that are lying around.

Material: Vetiver grass | Dimensions: 17 x 12 inches

Simple Houseware Stackable 3 Tier Sliding Basket Organizer

Best Storage Baskets

Who it's for: People who want to optimize their cabinet storage space.

Who it isn't for: People who prefer baskets made with soft materials.

This steel cabinet organizer from Simple Houseware makes it easy to maximize your under-sink storage space with a stackable design and pullout drawers that glide effortlessly. Each unit has three variously sized storage baskets that can hold extra toiletries, hair accessories, cleaning supplies, and any other small items that need a home under your bathroom sink.

Material: Alloy steel | Dimensions: 16.75 x 11 x 13.75 inches

The Container Store Long Underbed Montauk Bin

The Container Store Long Underbed Montauk Bin

The Container Store

Who it's for: People living in studios and small apartments who need to maximize storage.

Who it isn't for: Those whose bed rests on the ground.

For underbed storage, a lined basket is best. Clear plastic bins leave all your stuff visible, while these handsome baskets cultivate a clutter-free, cohesive look. (Even the tidiest room can feel cluttered if you constantly catch glimpses of last year's ugly Christmas sweaters.) Plus, a plastic bin can trap unwanted moisture, while a lined basket, like this one from The Container Store, can allow your clothes and linens to breathe and stay fresher for longer. The polyester-cotton liner ensures that your extra clothes and bedding won't snag on any part of the basket weave, and it makes cleaning a cinch—just toss in the wash and you're done.

Material: Polypropylene with cotton and polyester liner | Dimensions: 35.5 x 19 x 6.5 inches

West Elm Woven Seagrass Baskets Collection - Natural

Woven Seagrass Baskets Collection

West Elm

Who it's for: People who want to maximize vertical shelf space and people who like graphic baskets.

Who it isn't for: People with shallow shelving or those who prefer divided baskets.

Rectangular and square-shaped baskets are great for hiding clutter on bookshelves and under tables. While there are many plain options on the market, we love these bold two-tone baskets that are handwoven from natural seagrass and water hyacinth. Plus, if you have a colorful shelf with lots of books and objects, the neutral tones help ground the overall look. And if your style is more minimalist, adding extra texture and pattern can bring some liveliness to an empty corner. These storage baskets come in a range of sizes, so you'll be able to stash away loose trinkets, papers, and magazines.

Material: Seagrass and water hyacinth | Dimensions: Multiple sizes available

Like-It Modular Stacking Baskets with Lid

Like-It Modular Stacking Baskets With Lid


Who it's for: People hoping to organize their closet or pantry.

Who it isn't for: Those who prefer natural materials.

The slim profile of these modular baskets makes them useful for various closet configurations. It might seem impossible, but these rectangular storage baskets are the perfect solution for deep and shallow closets alike. Depending on how you place them, these storage baskets can either minimize any unused space in the back of your closet or prevent the annoying overhang created by squared baskets on shallow shelves. The optional lids also make them easy to stack so you can make the most of vertical space. Plus, they come in three different sizes.

Material: Plastic | Dimensions: Multiple sizes available

Pottery Barn Dog Toy Storage Basket

Pottery Barn Dog Toy Storage Basket

Pottery Barn

Who it's for: Dog owners who want a cute basket to keep all their pup's toys in one place.

Who it isn't for: People who want a basket to store larger items.

When you have pets, your home can go from organized to complete chaos in a matter of minutes. Before you know it, their toys and treats are everywhere. But luckily, a decorative basket can help to consolidate everything into one tidy space—and this bone-shaped wicker chest from Pottery Barn adds charm without sacrificing aesthetics. (The leather handle and latch add some unexpected flair.) The lid keeps your dog's clutter out of sight and the latch ensures they can't break in.

Material: Rattan | Dimensions: Multiple sizes available

Wind & Weather Woven Cat-Shaped Storage Basket with Lid

Wind & Weather Woven Cat-Shaped Storage Basket with Lid


Who it's for: Cat lovers who are looking for a whimsical storage solution.

Who it isn't for: People who want a sturdy basket made with plastic or metal.

This cat-shaped storage basket from Wind & Weather is handcrafted from woven water hyacinth reeds and equipped with a coordinating lid. The whimsical basket can hide catnip and toys, but even cat lovers without a pet of their own can take advantage of this pick for couch-side blanket and pillow storage.

Material: Water hyacinth | Dimensions: 15.75 x 15.75 inches

Hosroome Macrame Storage Baskets

Best Storage Baskets

Who it's for: People who want a set of two matching baskets with a boho style.

Who it isn't for: People who prefer a streamlined, modern aesthetic.

Macrame may remind you of the 1970s, but it's making a big comeback in modern boho decor. This lined macrame storage basket is a great place to tuck away everyday toiletries that you'd rather not be the focus of the room. The natural material creates visual interest within utilitarian objects. (This makes macrame ideal for minimalist interiors as well, as it can cultivate a dynamic environment without cluttering walls.)

Style: Macrame | Material: Cotton rope and liner | Dimensions: 13.4 x 6.7 x 3.9 inches and 11.8 x 5.5 x 3.5 inches

Spectrum Diversified Vintage 2-Tier Organizer

Best Storage Baskets

Who it's for: People looking for a storage basket for overflowing piles of mail.

Who it isn't for: People who don't receive much physical mail.

A pile of cascading mail every time you open your door can be stressful to you and less-than-inviting for your guests. Wall-mounted storage baskets, like this one from Williston Forge, are a tried-and-true organizational tool that helps you declutter your counter and keep track of your mail. This two-tier letter holder can be used to sort mail incoming and outgoing mail, or separate letters for different household members. Additionally, the wire construction of these baskets increases visibility and helps to ensure you don't overlook any pressing correspondence.

Material: Metal | Dimensions: 2.75 x 12.25 x 13 inches

StorageWorks Storage Baskets

StorageWorks Storage Baskets


Who it's for: People who need breathable storage baskets for linens, clothes, and other fabrics.

Who it isn't for: People who prefer textured or patterned designs.

These rectangular storage baskets can help you make the most of closet shelves, and the soft and breathable cotton is best for keeping fabrics fresh. Closets are big moisture-trappers, and breathable fabrics and open tops help prevent your clothes from getting musty. Plus, clothing can snag when stored in wicker baskets. These cotton storage baskets are soft but contain a heavy-duty bottom board and metal frame that make them sturdier than they appear at first glance. However, they're still incredibly flexible and can be collapsed when not in use.

Material: Cotton with metal frame | Dimensions: Multiple sizes available

West Elm Graphic Millet Lidded Basket

Best Storage Baskets

Who it's for: People who want a decorative basket that makes a statement.

Who it isn't for: People who would rather have a storage basket without a lid.

Senegalese baskets have long been used as decorative accents, with striking patterns, bright colors, and durable, roomy construction. We love this monochromatic version, handwoven out of a sturdy blend of recycled plastic and natural fibers. The larger size is ideal for a hamper, while the smaller version makes a bold statement on a bookshelf or table—they make for an ideal stealth storage solution.

Material: Millet grass with recycled plastic | Dimensions: Multiple sizes available

Kazi Floret Metallic Igisozi Vase

Best Storage Baskets

Who it's for: People without much drawer storage in their kitchen

Who it isn't for: People who want a more industrial and easy-to-clean utensil holder.

This cylindrical basket "vase" is an easy way to keep your kitchen looking light and fun even during seasons when you don't have any fresh-cut flowers around. Handwoven in Rwanda from sisal and sweetgrass, this patterned piece is sure to make a statement in your kitchen year-round.

Material: Sisal and sweetgrass | Dimensions: 4 x 8 inches

Neat Method Medium Rattan Basket

Neat Method medium rattan basket

Neat Method

Who it's for: People who want storage baskets for open shelving in their kitchen.

Who it isn't for: People who need stackable or fully opaque baskets.

These rattan storage baskets from Neat Method are an all-around win. They're so pretty that you'll want to keep them on display, which makes them great for countertop use and open-shelving pantries. The baskets come in two different sizes, so they're suitable for a variety of uses (including closet and kitchen storage). No matter what you place in them, the slatted sides help to eliminate the appearance of clutter while still allowing you to see your belongings.

Material: Rattan | Dimensions: 14 x 10 x 7 inches and 18 x 12 x 7 inches

BeldiBoheme Straw Storage Trunk

Best Storage Baskets

Who it's for: People who need to tuck away large items, like workout equipment and extra bedding.

Who it isn't for: People who want a compact basket for storing trinkets and small objects.

Tired of your yoga mat and dumbbells messing up your living room decor? Give your workout gear its own designated space with this handwoven basket made from palm leaves. It's a great way to disguise your workout gear and store it in plain sight. It comes in four different sizes, but we recommend choosing the largest option for people who are looking to store a standard-size, rolled-up yoga mat.

Material: Palm leaf | Dimensions: Multiple sizes available

Sziqiqi Rattan Decorative Serving Tray, Set of 3

Best Storage Baskets

Who it's for: People with lots of barware to store.

Who it isn't for: People who don't do a lot of entertaining.

Display all the essentials on your bar cart and elevate the space by incorporating shallow baskets to group similar objects together. Plus, you can utilize these rattan baskets as serving trays when guests arrive. The set of three comes with trays in various sizes, so the uses are practically endless.

Material: Rattan and wood | Dimensions: Multiple sizes available

MoDRN Naturals Water Hyacinth Herringbone Rectangular Basket with Leather Handle

Best Storage Baskets

Who it's for: People with overflowing piles of blankets or books that need a home.

Who it isn't for: People who want stackable storage solutions.

This set of two woven baskets with leather handles is the perfect pair to set beside your couch for your recreational reading time. The herringbone weave and casual leather handles help these baskets stand out from the rest. They're slightly different sizes, so they look intentional if paired together and lend continuity to your space if separated. Fill one with all of your book club reads and stuff the other with cozy essentials like your favorite blankets, throws, and pillows. It might take some work to make your blankets look effortlessly tossed, but at least the chic baskets will pull the look together.

Material: Water hyacinth, leather handles | Dimensions: 17.7 x 13.8 x 11.8 inches and 19.7 x 15.8 x 13.8 inches

SmartStore Medium Nordic Basket Translucent

SmartStore Medium Nordic Basket Translucent

The Container Store

Who it's for: People who want stackable baskets for small supplies.

Who it isn't for: Those looking for a statement piece.

These simple storage baskets have ventilated holes, optional tags, and dry-erase walls—making them great for small items like desk essentials and craft supplies. The easy labeling system lets you quickly identify what's inside, and integrated handles make transporting or re-organizing your supplies a breeze. The baskets come in three sizes, and there are also three options for lids (sold separately), which make stacking possible. When not in use, you can nest the storage baskets inside of one another, saving valuable horizontal and vertical space.

Material: Plastic and bamboo | Dimensions: Multiple sizes available

Seville Classics Handwoven Lidded Laundry Hamper Bin

Seville Classics Handwoven Lidded Laundry Hamper Bin


Who it's for: People who want to disguise their laundry and recycling.

Who it isn't for: People who want something purely functional to tuck away in a closet.

If you're concerned about your laundry hamper or recycling pile looking like an eyesore, then you need to check out this lidded storage basket from Seville Classics. Made of water hyacinth wicker, this unique laundry basket enables you to hide your not-so-pretty dirty clothes and cardboard boxes, even if they have to stay out in the open. This storage basket comes in multiple colors as well as rectangular and oval shapes.

Material: Water hyacinth wicker | Dimensions: 12.2 x 18.5 x 24 inches

Yukimocoo Small Rope Storage Basket

Best Storage Baskets

Who it's for: People who need a place to drop their keys, wallet, and sunglasses.

Who it isn't for: People who have a lot of items to store.

Place this handy little basket in your entryway to minimize the amount of time spent searching for misplaced keys and sunglasses. The small, shallow basket is ideal for wallets, phones, and anything else you might need before you walk out the door. And when you get back home, you can rest easy knowing that your most necessary items have a permanent home of their own.

Material: Rattan | Dimensions: 9.4 x 8.1 x 2.7 inches

ClosetMaid White Steel Stackable Basket

Best Storage Baskets

Who it's for: People with limited shelving in their homes.

Who it isn't for: People who prioritize style.

If counter space or shelving is limited, these versatile baskets from ClosetMaid are an ideal solution. The steel wire basket looks right at home sitting on a shelf or installed directly into the wall. Perfect for pantries, bathrooms, and closets, you can store anything from root vegetables to cleaning supplies. Additionally, these baskets are made of corrosion-resistant epoxy coated steel, so they're even durable enough for garages and storage sheds.

Material: Epoxy-coated steel | Dimensions: 15.75 x 16.38 x 8.25 inches

How to Shop for Storage Baskets Like a Pro


When shopping for storage baskets, one of the most important factors to consider is material. Breathable but sturdy woven baskets made of wicker can keep your fabrics fresher longer, so they're ideal for linens, laundry, and blankets. (Adding a cloth or cotton liner can help to keep clothes from snagging on loose ends!) Baskets woven from natural fibers are great storage receptacles for your living room and bedroom but, Dahmen notes, they're "not advisable for use in places with low light and high humidity (like basements), where they may be susceptible to mold." Wire, metal, and plastic baskets are more advisable for bathrooms and basements, as they're easier to clean. For children's rooms, softer materials like canvas, cotton, or natural materials are more appropriate.


You should also consider your personal style and the rest of your home decor. Handwoven baskets (like those made from sweetgrass, sisal, and jute) can add rustic, wabi-sabi-inspired charm to a space—and they're ideal receptacles for effortlessly tossed blankets or rolled towels. For pantry and closet storage, sturdier, ventilated plastic or metal baskets with lids are often best, as these will facilitate stacking and help you to optimize vertical space. Ventilated baskets are also ideal for craft supplies or other smaller items, as the holes help you to quickly identify what you have on hand. (Labels don't hurt, either!)


To optimize closet or pantry space, go with square or rectangular items that stack easily without wasting any space. Look for this shape if you're planning on using dividers in your baskets, too—it's much easier when your inserts can lay flush inside. Round baskets are great for storing objects that require no sub-division (like blankets or towels), and they look more natural and integrated as freestanding objects than squared-off baskets.

Questions You Might Ask

When are storage baskets helpful, and when are they not helpful?

Dahmen advises using storage baskets to keep similar items together. "Notice the word similar and not identical," she says. "If you're too specific with the contents of a basket, you'll likely end up with too many baskets. For example, a 'First Aid' basket is probably a better use of space than having one basket for [bandages], another for cotton swabs, another for disinfecting wipes, etc."

Without a system or category in place, "a basket can become just another item cluttering your space," Dahmen says. But this is where labels come in handy. "Labels are the magic ingredient that allows you to maintain order over time."

What are the best things to put in storage baskets?

Storage baskets are great for things like linens, blankets, extra clothing, and children's toys—but Dahmen says they might not be the best choice for liquids. "If you're storing liquids that might tip or leak, use a solid container that will keep a spill from spreading over your shelf," says Dahmen. "Solid containers are also better for cords and chargers, as wiry things tend to poke out of baskets and get stuck."

How do you hang wicker baskets on the wall for storage?

If you're hanging baskets on the wall for storage rather than mere aesthetics, you'll want to make sure that you include proper weight support. L-brackets are a reliable and relatively invisible way to anchor your baskets.

First, push the head of the bolt through the inside of the basket (near the bottom) and bracket and secure it with a nut on the backside. Then, if possible, mount the brackets into a stud. If that's not possible, you'll want to use drywall anchors to help secure your screws. Using a drill or a small Phillips-head screwdriver, create a small pilot hole in the wall where your anchors will go. Then, drive the anchors into the hole and mount the basket. You'll probably notice that the top of your basket is not flush with the wall. To fix this, you can put one or two small screws (nails work, too) through the top of your basket. If you can't find hardware that matches the color of your basket, you can paint the heads of the screws to match before installing them.

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This article was written by Leslie Joblin, a writer for Real Simple, The Spruce, MyDomaine, and other publications, with two years of experience covering home and decor. For this roundup, she spoke with design and organization consultant Liz Dahmen of Make Space LLC in New York to get the inside scoop on making the most of organizing with baskets. She also spent hours researching the various storage baskets on the market, narrowing down the options based on factors like functionality, style, and material.

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