's how to stow everything (from pills to papers) discreetly.

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated July 10, 2019
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Whether it's social security cards and tax forms or your daily pill regimen, we all have things we'd like to stash as secretly as possible. To keep your most private clutter, well, as private as possible, it's a good idea to invest in organizers designed to keep these items securely stowed where guests or your kids won't accidentally find them. From a hidden bedside drawer to a disguised pill box for your purse, these storage solutions keep all of your secret clutter safe.



A stylish pill box you won't be embarrassed to pull out of your purse or work drawer, this sleek design comes in three colors: rose, champagne, or black. It has seven compartments so you can separate your medicine for each day. Plus, it slides open, so you don't have to worry about the lid accidentally popping open in your purse.

To buy: $20,

Container Store


In your home office, this attractive filing cabinet (yes, it turns out filing cabinets can actually look good!) will store all of your papers in style. The top drawer locks, so you can keep top-secret files and personal documents under wraps. 

To buy: $250,

West Elm


Okay, toilet paper isn't super-secret, but if you want to be discreet about its storage, opt for this sleek toilet paper stocker. This is a more elegant alternative to the typical standing toilet paper holder. 

To buy: $48,



When you want to hide some cash but still keep it close at hand, this diversion safe crafted from a hairbrush does the trick. It also makes a playful gift, and is a creative way to give money.

To buy: $16,


For secret storage beside your bed, order this wooden floating nightstand. When closed, no one will ever guess that it opens up to reveal a drawer. 

To buy: $195,