These Are the Best IKEA Products of All Time, According to Pro Organizers

You'll want to pick up all of these on your next IKEA run.

Best IKEA Organizer, FRAKTA Shopping Bag
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IKEA is a treasure trove of brilliant organizers, but in a maze-like store with endless options, it can be hard to pinpoint the products that will really get your life together and those that will only add to the clutter. To find the IKEA organizers that really work, we asked professional organizers for their favorite IKEA products of all time. From the Swedish store's iconic blue shopping bags, to a felt wall-hanging organizer, to the ultimate closet system, here are the pros' must-have finds. These are going to make you want to go to IKEA ASAP.

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KNALLBÅGE Felt Organizer

Best IKEA Organizer, Light Gray Felt Pocket Organizer on arm of couch

Julie Bestry, CPO® of Best Results Organizing, always recommends taking advantage of vertical space, leaving horizontal spaces in your home free and uncluttered. Her favorite IKEA organizer, the felt organizer named KNALLBÅGE, does just that. "It has two large pockets, suitable for magazines, newspapers, or catalogs...and four smaller pockets, just right for glasses (sunglasses, readers, etc.), cell phones, remote controls, or gadgets," Bestry says. Drape it over the arm of your sofa to hold remotes and phone chargers, or hang it on a wall beside the front door so you can grab everything you need on your way out. "And it's a ridiculous bargain at just under $6!" Bestry adds.

To buy: $6;

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FJÄLLA Storage Box

Best IKEA Organizer, Storage Box in gray with lid

For hiding the clutter in your home office or stashing receipts where they can't be seen, opaque storage boxes are organizing essentials. Organizer Chrystal Adams of Chrystal Clear Organizing swears by IKEA's FJÄLLA storage boxes, which come in multiple sizes and white, gray, or patterned options. "They are pretty sturdy cardboard boxes that I really like the look of. I've used them to store towels, sheets, DVDs, and photos," says Adams.

To buy: $13,

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ALGOT Closet System

Best IKEA Organizer, Closet System shelves

Choosing a closet system is a big decision—it effects how easily you'll be able to keep your closet tidy and how quickly you'll be able to get dressed in the morning. Organizer Erin Rooney Doland, the author of [tempo-ecommerce src="" rel="sponsored" target="_blank">

"Its price is so much more affordable than similar systems at other retailers. It's also durable and can radically transform a storage space for the better," she says. The best part? It's adaptable, so it can meet your storage needs now and in the future.

To buy: $153,

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FRAKTA Blue Shopping Bag

Best IKEA Organizer, blue shopping bag

You know a product is an organizing must-have when multiple professional organizers place it on their favorites list. The blue FRAKTA bag costs less than $2, but this durable bag has proven itself to be one of IKEA's most brilliant inventions. Both Lisa Zaslow, founder of Gotham Organizers, and Laura Cattano, a New York City-based pro organizer, listed the unassuming-yet-genius bag as their favorite IKEA product.

When you're taking on an organizing project or KonMari-ing your entire home, a FRAKTA is an organizer's best friend. "I always warn clients that there's a point in the organizing process where things can seem worse before they get better. FRAKTA bags keep things under control," says Zaslow. "They work great as sorting bins and temporary containers—you can corral anything from stuffed animals to sweaters to sports equipment." Bonus: When you're done using them, they fold perfectly flat to save space.

Laura Cattano also recommends buying some FRAKTA bags the next time you move. "The last time I moved, I purchased about 40 of these for all my non-breakable items for a quick, easy, inexpensive, and non-wasteful move," she explains. They're much easier to tote around than a cardboard box, and they can hold a remarkable amount.

To buy: $1.50 for large bag,

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KORKEN Glass Jar

Best IKEA Organizer, Glass Jar

Another of Adams's favorite IKEA organizers is the KORKEN glass jar, which has an airtight seal and costs just four bucks. "I use them in kitchens and pantries to store grains, flour, etc. They also come in a few different sizes," Adams adds. Plus, because they are clear, you can easily see your pantry's inventory at a glance, so you'll always know when you're running low on rice or sugar.

Outside the kitchen, these pretty jars can be used for storing art supplies in a craft room or cotton balls in the bathroom.

To buy: $4,

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DIODER LED Light Strip

LED Light Strip

If you want to keep your closet organized and make getting dressed easier, illuminating your closet is a must. Laura Cattano recommends these LED light strips, which are ideal not only for bedroom closets, but also shelving. "I have them hidden in the back of my Vitsoe shelving," she says. "They give off a wonderful glow and ambient lighting that is soft and soothing and brings my shelving to life."

To buy: $22,

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