Hello, beautiful storage cart and space-saving boxes.

Even though it's only July, the 2020 IKEA catalog launched this week, and in addition to brilliant, sleep-improving products (we see you, ergonomic pillows!), it's the clever organizers that are really catching our eye. From brand-new storage carts that will have you saying "RÅSKOG, who?," to a space-saving vanity storage box, these products are changing the organization game. Fortunately, we won't have to wait until 2020 for these innovative products—they're coming to IKEA stores and IKEA.com this August.

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IKEA Catalog 2020 Organizers, storage tray with mirrored lid
Credit: IKEA

1 Vanity Storage Tray with a Mirrored Lid

Introducing, the ultimate vanity storage box for organizing jewelry, makeup, nail clippers, tweezers, and the rest of your grooming essentials. The best part: It even comes with a mirrored lid, so you don't have to fight your family members for the bathroom mirror. 

To buy: SAXBORGA Storage Box, $20, ikea.com

IKEA Catalog 2020 Organizers, woven storage cart
Credit: IKEA

2 Stylish (And Super Versatile) Storage Cart

This on-trend rattan storage cart can work in every single room in your home. Let it stand in for a nightstand, or roll it into the living room to serve as a side table. 

To buy: LUBBAN Serving Cart, $69, ikea.com

IKEA Catalog 2020 Organizers, white paper desk organizer set
Credit: IKEA

3 Minimalist Desk Organizer

It's all too easy for our desks to become cluttered with papers and office supplies—luckily, this organizer comes with five separate storage boxes that fit everything from file folders to paper clips. 

To buy: TJENA Desk Organizer, $5, ikea.com

IKEA Catalog 2020 Organizers, black storage cart
Credit: IKEA

4 A Streamlined Storage Cart

With a modern design and all right angles, this rolling storage cart is ideal for a kitchen. Let it hold serveware and table linens, or use it to store baking essentials and ingredients in a small kitchen without a pantry. 

To buy: NISSAFORS Utility Cart, $25, ikea.com

IKEA Catalog 2020 Organizers, standing closet
Credit: IKEA

5 A Standing Closet for Small Spaces

IKEA has designed the perfect alternative to that bedroom side chair where you end up tossing your coat and clothes: a sleek, free-standing closet. Two small shelves hold your favorite footwear, while the bars and hooks provide a home for your coats, scarves, and handbag. 

To buy: KINNEBY Clothes Rack, $50, ikea.com