These expert-approved picks will tackle the clutter once and for all. 

By Katie Holdefehr
May 25, 2018
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When you head into the Container Store, the vast selection of products that promise to finally wrangle your clutter once and for all can feel a little daunting. Will this storage bin really get the paper pile under control? Will that pot rail actually make my kitchen look orderly? With so many "miracle" organizers to choose from, it can be difficult to tell what really works and what's just another product you'll spend money on and stop using after a month. To help us sort through the assortment, we asked a couple pro organizers, Annie Draddy and Michelle Hale of Henry & Higby, a professional styling and organizing company based in NYC, for the five products they swear by, and three they think aren't worth the money. This way, you can invest in what really works—and skip what doesn't. 

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