The 10 Best Garage Storage Systems to Organize Your Space

We like the King's Rack 6-Tier Bin Storage System because it keeps your items organized and easily accessible.

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Even though garages aren't storage units, they're often the best place in your home to put tools, sports and lawn equipment, and other seasonal items (like holiday decorations). But since it's so easy to lose track of your belongings and end up with clutter, it's important to invest in a garage storage system to keep everything organized—whether it's sneaking in custom storage or installing a ready-made option. There are many clever garage organization ideas to inspire you. For those who are uber-organized, a decluttering app like Sortly can even inventory everything being stored in the garage.

To come up with this list, we thoroughly researched the best garage storage systems on the market and narrowed down the options by considering factors such as size, material, and ease of installation. We made sure to include a variety of styles—including simple plastic storage bins and overhead options that take up no floor space—to suit garages of all sizes. For expert input, we tapped three professional organizers to learn more about their favorite garage organizers and get their recommendations on how to maximize storage space.

Here are the best garage storage systems, plus expert tips on how to choose a garage organizer for your needs.

Best Overall Garage Storage System

King's Rack 6-Tier Bin Rack Storage System

King's Rack 6-Tier Bin Rack Storage System

King's Rack

Who it's for: People who need a place to store a lot of small items neatly and out of the way.

Who it isn't for: People who want wall-mounted or overhead storage solutions.

With 22 bins in three different sizes, this 4-foot-tall storage system by King's Rack has enough space for the whole family's belongings. It earned the top spot on our list because it's the ideal storage system for anyone who needs regular access to their items and would rather not stow them away in closed boxes. The bottom bins are great for throwing in anything that needs to be donated to charity, while the top bins are ideal for tools, hardware, and other smaller things that don't have a designated home. Plus, each bin has a label slot on the front so you can easily see what belongs where.

The industrial-grade storage unit is made from heavy-duty alloy steel and the box trays are made with durable plastic that's designed to stand up to the wear and tear of everyday use. The top of this unit is a straight laminated board, which means you can either use it as a worktop or stack more storage boxes on top to utilize the extra space. All you need is a hammer to put it together (there are no bolts to fiddle with), but the instructions are a little bit hard to decipher. But once you get it all set up, this is a long-lasting garage organizer that will be used often.

Size: 34 x 16 x 48 inches | Weight Capacity: ‎Not listed | Material: Alloy steel and plastic

Best Budget Garage Storage System

Minchi257 13-Piece Wall-Mounted Tool Holder

Minchi257 13-Piece Wall-Mounted Tool Holder


Who it's for: Anyone who has bare garage walls and tools (like brooms and shovels) lying all over the place.

Who it isn't for: People with no wall space available in their garage or anyone who isn't willing to mount something to a wall.

If you want to free up floor space, you can store a variety of items on this wall-mounted storage organizer. "I love using these to take advantage of the wall space," says Cindy Huzenman, a professional organizer at Cindyology. It has a hefty 800-pound weight capacity, and there are nine hooks in three different styles that can hold brooms, rakes, ladders, power tools, and even bikes. Even though it's a fraction of the price of our top pick, this budget-friendly storage system is waterproof and made with powder-coated alloy steel that won't rust, chip, or crack.

The wall-mounted tool holder consists of four panels that you put together to make one large rail that measures 64 inches. The hooks easily attach to the rail with no hardware required—just snap them into place. Once you put them on the rail, you can slide the hooks around to accommodate the size of your items. Just keep in mind that the panels don't come with end caps to prevent items from falling out (like if you accidentally slide the hooks to the very end). We also wish there was a way to purchase additional hooks, but all in all, we still think this storage system is a clever and affordable way to optimize storage space in your garage.

Size: 64 x 4 inches | Weight Capacity: 800 pounds | Material: Alloy steel

Best Overhead Garage Storage System

FLEXIMOUNTS Overhead Adjustable Ceiling Garage Storage Rack

FLEXIMOUNTS Overhead Adjustable Ceiling Garage Storage Rack


Who it's for: People who have already maxed out their garage floor and wall space.

Who it isn't for: People who don't have sturdy studs in their garage ceiling.

When it comes to storage areas, the ceiling is probably the last place you'd think of—but there's usually plenty of extra space up there. The Fleximount overhead garage storage rack is a heavy-duty and space-saving solution that's sturdy enough to hold a whopping 600 pounds in weight. Home organizer Pia Thompson of Sweet Digs suggests using a ceiling-mounted storage rack for items that you don't need to access often, such as seasonal decor, vacation gear, and suitcases. "It keeps them out of the way and makes use of space that would otherwise go unused," she explains. It's also ideal for long items like ladders, snowboards, skis, and surfboards.

If you're not super comfortable with DIY installation, you might need to call in some professional help to get this overhead storage system set up. Either way, installation is a two (or more) person job: It only weighs 60 pounds, but you probably won't be able to lift it over your head solo. Once you attach it to two garage studs, this ceiling-mounted storage rack isn't going anywhere. It's well-made, solid, and built to last, so you may find that one or two of these units are all you need for a tidy garage. Plus, this will give you back plenty of floor space for more important things (like a garage gym or a second car).

Size: 96 x 48 x 22-40 inches | Weight Capacity: Up to 600 pounds | Material: Metal

Best Pegboard Garage Storage System

Wall Control Wall Control Pegboard Organizer

Wall Control Wall Control Pegboard Organizer


Who it's for: People who want a storage system for tools and supplies that they regularly use.

Who it isn't for: People who aren't willing to mount anything to their garage wall.

Organizing your tools and creating a space where they're easily accessible can save you a lot of time and energy. With this pegboard organizer from Wall Control, you won't have to rummage around in an overcrowded toolbox every time you need a screwdriver. The wall-mounted storage system holds up to 200 pounds of evenly distributed weight, and it's perfect for things like wrenches, saws, and hammers. It's also a hobbyist's dream organizer because it can be used for craft tools and supplies, too.

Made with durable steel that won't warp or crack, the pegboard storage system comes with shelves, hanging plastic bins, a variety of hooks and brackets, and mounting hardware. Additional accessories, including paper towel holders, are available for purchase, too.

This type of garage organizer (pegboards with hooks and shelves) also come recommended by Thompson because they're incredibly versatile. She suggests using top shelves to store bins of loose items and things you don't use often (like nuts, bolts, and other hardware).

Size: 32 x 48 inches | Weight Capacity: Up to 200 pounds | Material: Steel and plastic

Best Garage Storage Bins

Hefty 72 Qt. Clear Storage Bin with Blue Hi-Rise Lid

Hefty 72 Qt. Clear Storage Bin with Blue Hi-Rise Lid


Who it's for: People with a lot of things to store who want to pack them in a space-saving way.

Who it isn't for: People who want to be able to quickly grab things from storage without removing any lids.

Bins and boxes are some of the best garage storage solutions for people on a budget. This large storage bin from Hefty can help you pack away all sorts of items in the garage. It's commonly used for storing pet food, seasonal clothes, fishing supplies, de-icing salt, and holiday decorations—and it can even be used as a recycling container. The durable 72-quart bin has a genius lid that latches shut above the rim of the box to give you extra storage space. The lid clamps on tightly once shut, and the side snap closures serve as handles. And if you buy multiple bins, you can pile them on top of each other for even more space-saving efficiency. "All stacked together, [plastic storage] bins can actually make a garage look tidy," says Holly Blakey, the owner of Breathing Room Organization.

This sturdy bin is airtight so you can store things like photo albums, memory boxes, and sentimental keepsakes that you want to keep safe from mold and other garage-related issues. Many people also use these types of plastic bins to store emergency supplies, large boxes of dry food, and other pantry items that take up too much space indoors. And since the Hefty bin is clear, you can easily see what's inside without having to open it up or take it off the shelf. Just note that you won't be able to quickly grab anything without removing the lid, so this storage bin is best for items that you don't reach for every day.

Size: 24.04 x 16.81 x 14.24 inches | Weight Capacity: Not listed (72-quart capacity) | Material: Plastic

Best Garage Storage Shelves

Shop Style Selections 5-Tier Steel Utility Shelves

Shop Style Selections 5-Tier Steel Utility Shelves

Shop Style Selections

Who it's for: Anyone who needs a versatile storage system for everyday items.

Who it isn't for: People who don't want their items to be super visible on shelves.

A good set of shelves, like this five-tier unit by Shop Style Selections, is a must in any garage that can accommodate them. According to Huzenman, a metal shelving unit is ideal for storing things you reach for daily, and she recommends one that is "easy to install" and "customizable to fit in different spaces." You won't need any tools to set this unit up since every piece just slots into place, and the shelves are fully adjustable so you can set the exact heights that suit your needs.

You can store almost anything on these shelves, from cleaning products and containers to gardening equipment and tools. If you make more space between the bottom two shelves, you can even store bulky items, boxes, and appliances, and keep lightweight items that you'll need more often on the upper shelves. These industrial-style shelves are made from strong steel that can support 350 pounds per shelf. If you prefer a unit that you can move around the garage, rubber casters are available but sold separately. For extra safety, it's best to affix this unit to a wall.

Size: 47.7 x 18 x 72 inches | Weight Capacity: 350 pounds on each shelf, evenly distributed | Material: Steel

Best Garage Storage Cabinets

Husky Steel Freestanding Garage Cabinet

Husky Steel Freestanding Garage Cabinet


Who it's for: People who want to keep their items organized and hidden away.

Who it isn't for: People with limited floor space in their garage.

If you'd prefer to keep your garage clutter neatly and safely hidden away, then this heavy-duty steel cabinet is a great option. Although the garage isn't usually the place we opt to store valuables, this freestanding garage cabinet from Husky has lockable doors to give you peace of mind. While you might not want to store jewelry in it, the steel cabinet does add an extra layer of protection for expensive power tools kept in the garage, like saws, pressure washers, and drills.

You can also store smaller items in boxes on the shelves, which will prevent your garage from looking messy, or you can utilize the cabinet's doors since they have handy pegboards on their interior panels. The three shelves are adjustable in height and provide a lot more storage area than they may seem, with each shelf holding up to 150 pounds of supplies. The cabinet is made with powder-coated black steel, which is durable, sleek, and incredibly sturdy. It's certainly not the most economical garage cabinet on the market, but it's a durable storage system that's built to last forever. Plus, the brand offers a lifetime, no-questions-asked warranty.

Size: 48 x 18 x 72 inches | Weight Capacity: 150 pounds per shelf | Material: Powder-coated steel

Best Splurge Garage Storage System

Elfa Utility Garage and Planting Solution

Elfa Utility Garage and Planting Solution


Who it's for: People who are willing to invest in a complete garage storage overhaul.

Who it isn't for: People on a tight budget who would be better off with a more affordable option.

The all-in-one organizational system from The Container Store was designed to revamp and arrange even the messiest garages. Taking up zero floor space, this wall-hung shelving can be easily adjusted to suit your storage needs. Every single section of this unit can be utilized, from the very top section that can hold long and heavy items like ladders, all the way to the mesh drawers at the bottom for small items.

The upper shelves are great for items that you don't need every day, like patio cleaners and windshield wiper fluid, and they can even hold storage bins. There's also a large pegboard in the middle for tools. The countertop can serve as a workstation or more storage space for boxes, and there are wall hooks for long-handled garden tools, too. While the Elfa storage system might be more expensive than other options, it could very likely be the only storage system you'll ever need in your garage. It's suitable for garages of all sizes because it only requires a 108-inch stretch of wall space. But if this version doesn't suit your needs, the storage system is completely customizable so you can get one in the perfect size for your garage.

Size: 108 x 84 x 20 inches | Weight Capacity: 25 pounds evenly distributed (drawers), 100 pounds evenly distributed per linear foot (shelves) | Material: Epoxy-bonded steel and ABS plastic

Best Garage Storage System for Tools

Rubbermaid Garage Tool Tower Rack

Rubbermaid Garage Tool Tower Rack


Who it's for: Anyone with a lot of long-handled tools strewn around the garage.

Who it isn't for: People who only have one or two brooms or rakes might find this unnecessary.

Shovels, rakes, brooms, and mops propped up against a garage wall not only look messy, but they're also an accident waiting to happen. This garage tool tower rack from Rubbermaid can hold up to 40 long-handled tools, keeping them organized, safe, and out of the way. It has front clips to keep the tools secure, upright, and easy to access; and grid paneling at the base of the unit to keep everything in place. For added stability and safety, there's even enough room to store the tools head-down.

We also like that this garage tool organizer has wheels for portability. "Not only does it serve as fantastic storage for your rake, outdoor broom, and fertilizer, but you can roll it right out into the garden, get to work, and then not have to do anything but roll it right back into the garage," Thompson says. Even though it's not made from the most heavy-duty plastic, this tool storage system is easy to assemble, doesn't take up much space, and does a great job at keeping your garage organized and decluttered.

Size: 20.5 x 38 x 34.4 inches | Weight Capacity: Not listed | Material: Plastic

Best Garage Storage System for Sports Equipment

The Container Store Heavy-Duty Sports Storage Rack

The Container Store Heavy-Duty Sports Storage Rack

The Container Store

Who it's for: Anyone with a lot of sports equipment (especially families with kids who participate in activities).

Who it isn't for: People who primarily need a storage system for holiday decor, tools, and bulky items.

If your kids' favorite outdoor toys don't have a designated home, they'll just be thrown anywhere in the garage after they're done playing outside. Luckily, this storage rack from The Container Store with removable dividers can store a plethora of sports equipment. You'll no longer worry about stepping on discarded skateboards, scooters, and balls because everything has a specific compartment on this rack. Even if you or your kids don't play sports, this storage rack is also perfect for containing all of your home gym essentials.

The top shelf can accommodate smaller items like tennis or baseball balls, hockey pucks, and mitts, while the large basket on the bottom is made for bigger items like basketballs, footballs, baseball bats, tennis rackets, yoga mats, and more. The storage unit also has mesh baskets for miscellaneous items, and four hooks at the sides to hang other sports necessities like clothes, hats, bags, and towels. Plus, it's made of steel and has a minimal design that suits most styles.

Size: 30.25 x 16.25 x 42.5 inches | Weight Capacity: 44 pounds lower basket, 30 pounds upper basket, and 6.6 pounds per hook | Material: Steel with polypropylene liner

Final Verdict

It's hard to pick just one garage storage system because a lot of these items can technically work well together for the most space-saving efficiency. However, our best overall pick is the King's Rack Bin Rack Storage System because the open bins are perfect for storing things you need often, and the laminated countertop can store extra boxes or serve as a convenient workspace.

But if you have a small garage, then we recommend the Fleximounts Overhead Garage Storage Rack because it takes up no floor space. It's ideal for storing large items and things you don't need regular access to, like holiday decorations, ski gear, and ladders.

How to Shop for Garage Storage Systems Like a Pro


Even though there are so many different garage storage solutions, you'll have to cater to the space you have and your storage needs to decipher what's best for you. For instance, a garage with a low ceiling isn't ideal for overhead storage. If you have a large garage with a lot of floor and wall space (even if it's hiding behind all your stuff), you can opt for large shelves and cabinets. But if you're super tight on space—perhaps your floorspace is practically nonexistent when you park your car—you should make use of overhead and wall-mounted storage systems.

Weight Capacity

Since we tend to put bulky and heavy items in the garage, storage systems for this space are usually designed and built differently from those we would have in our bedroom, for instance. These storage solutions are typically heavy-duty and designed to hold a lot of weight. Cheaper shelving won't have a generous weight capacity, but many mid-range and high-end shelves can hold a lot more than you'd expect. That means even your heaviest tools and garden machinery, like chainsaws and mowers, can be catered to. But you should still take extra precautions by securing all shelves to the walls for safety reasons.


Storage solutions for the garage are often made of heavy-duty materials like steel and durable plastic, which might be a tad more expensive. Some of the more affordable items on the market are made from cheaper plastic—but keep in mind that because they won't be able to hold as much weight, they're susceptible to damage and will likely need to be replaced after a while. And since the garage is one area of the house that's prone to mold, mildew, or water damage, shelves or cabinets made from rust-resistant metal are ideal.


While most garage storage systems (like smaller shelves, bins, and wall-mounted hooks) can easily be DIYed, larger options (like cabinets, whole-wall shelving, and overhead storage) could be a little tricky to install by yourself. You might need the help of a professional for certain larger systems, but many retailers offer installation services for an additional fee. Alternatively, you can always hire a handyperson to help you install the storage system.

Questions You Might Ask

What should you store in your garage?

It always comes down to your personal storage needs, but garages are commonly used to store tools, sports equipment, holiday decorations, garden and lawn essentials, and seasonal items that you don't need to access often. While it may be tempting to use this space as a catchall for anything that doesn't fit neatly inside your home, a more mindful approach will ensure that your garage stays organized—so that the interior matches the exterior curb appeal.

"The biggest mistake people make with garage space is using it as a dumping ground for items that aren't easily tidied," Thompson says, adding that you should be "both intentional and mindful about what is stored in your garage." Ask yourself how you need the space to work for you, whether it's making room to park a car, storing specific equipment and supplies, or both.

"Most of the items inside my clients' garages are leftovers… They're simply dropped in the first available spot," says Huzenman. "Make sure what's inside the garage actually belongs there; don't keep outdated and damaged items."

What's the best way to organize a messy garage on a budget?

The first step to organizing a messy garage on a budget is by decluttering. Start by assessing your belongings and making three piles: keep, donate, and throw out. Then, arrange for a charity drop-off or collection as soon as possible to empty the space. Once you're left with only your "keep" pile, start to sort items and decide where to put them. For more tips, check out our garage organizing checklist.

Once you've decluttered your space, it's time to get organized. All the experts we talked to recommend labeling boxes and bins so that you can swiftly find any item you're looking for as soon as you need it. Blakey recommends using index card pockets because "you can swap out the labels as often as you need to" without having to peel off old labels.

The organizing pros also suggest getting things off the ground by utilizing shelving units and wall-mounted racks. When you get things off the floor, it "instantly transforms the look of your garage," according to Blakey. Large bins and boxes with lids are the first things you should look for because they're a great way to keep your items in order without spending a lot of money. Wall-mountable options like hooks are another often-inexpensive way to utilize unused space.

Can you install garage storage systems yourself?

You sure can. Unless they're complex systems consisting of large wall-to-wall shelving or heavy-duty cabinets that would be akin to installing a new kitchen by yourself, you'll likely be able to install your garage storage solutions on your own. Smaller shelving units and wall-mountable hooks need very minimal setup, while bins and boxes need none. Most other units come with simple-to-understand instructions and don't require more than a hammer to put together. But if you'd rather have help, you can always hire a professional to install your new garage storage system for you.

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